SSC Books Set – 13 Books Printable

SSC Books Set – 13 Books Printable


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1BT-QA-PTQuantitative AbilityPractice Tests581270140
2BT-QA-LQuantitative AbilityLessons & Solved Examples300152
3BT-LR-I-PTLogical Reasoning IPractice Tests451135136
4BT-LR-I-LLogical Reasoning ILessons & Solved Examples19988
5BT-LR-II-PTLogical Reasoning IIPractice Tests31710120
6BT-LR-II-LLogical Reasoning IILessons & Solved Examples14876
7BT-DI-PTData InterpretationPractice Tests2253592
8BT-DI-LData InterpretationLessons & Solved Examples9044
9BT-VA-PTVerbal AbilityPractice Tests35990148
10BT-VA-LVerbal AbilityLessons & Solved Examples10080
11BT-GK-PTComputers, Banking, GeneralPractice Tests561365140
12Computers, GKPractice Tests
13BT-GK-LGeneral KnowledgeLessons & Solved Examples


Practice Tests (PT): The structure of the practice tests progressively take a student from easy to moderate to difficult question types. The focus is to prepare students to face different question types in each lesson.


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Takshila Learning SSC Books Set – 13 Books Printable SSC Books Set - 13 Books Printable ₹2,999.00
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