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Living Truly by Canny Gogia


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Living Truly by Canny Gogia

Living Truly by Canny Gogia will teach you to become the manager of your own life, to be in charge of your own destiny. You will find the knowledge and the courage to improve the quality of your life and your work to make your innermost dreams come true. You will have the power to achieve a more meaningful, satisfying, and productive life – to attain the life you want to live – in a changing, challenging and exciting world.

As you journey through this book “Living Truly by Canny Gogia”- and through your life – don’t hold back because of concerns about “success” or the availability of jobs in your field. Schedule time to read each chapter. Relish the knowledge you gain. Relate what you’ve learned to your own life. Take time to plan for greater happiness and more personal and professional growth and success.

Canny Gogia is a Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Success Coach and the founder of Canny Gogia’s Training Systems (CGTS). She conducts seminars and workshops on life skills, soft skills, Personality Empowerment and Attitude Transformation. Her programs are the result of her personal experiences, and life journey, training under well known coach/ trainers and extensive reading habit. She believes that life skills must be added in the school and college curriculum along with the academic part.

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1 review for Living Truly by Canny Gogia

  1. Takshila Learning

    Living truly has some wonderful keys to develop yourself. Not only just read it, but also apply these tools in your lies. Doing so will transform your life.
    Parambir Singh
    Founder Carol Innovatives
    Canny your book is positive and encouraging. A well written and helpful book to all those who read and apply in their lives
    Preet Kamal
    Sports Physiotherapist


    “Wonderful! The ideas, tools and suggestions are right on target for anyone who wants to do better and we all have huge nature given potential. I loved reading it. Thank you
    Educationist and Dress designer


    If such tools are applied in life, one can be a winner. I would say read this book, and re read and you will be able to do more and be more and turn your setbacks into comebacks and TRANSFORM your life RIGHT NOW.

    Dr Usha Bansal


    Following the advice given in the book will definitely take your where you want to be.

    Gurpreet Singh
    Guru Nanak Bal Vikas Kendre


    The chapters are easy to read, understand, comprehend and apply. This is a must read book

    Dr. Amarjit Kaur
    Professor Botany


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