English Grammar Determiners – Quiz

English Grammar Determiners – Quiz


This Quiz gives you an excellent opportunity to practice questions on Determiners. Thus improves your English Grammar


English Grammar Determiners Quiz

This quiz provides you expertise on English determiners which are all, each, every, few, little etc.

What are Determiners ?

Determiners are used at the beginning of noun groups to specify its range in various ways eg: by making it definite (the boy), indefinite (a boy) or by indicating quantity (many boys).

Three Categories of Determiners:


All, Both, Double, Half, Twice, One third, What, Such etc.

Central Determiners :

  1. Articles: A, An ,The.
  2. Demonstratives : This, That, Those,
  3. Possessives : My, Users etc and Genitives (Children’s room)
  4. Quantifiers : Some, Any, No, Every, Either, Each, Neither, Enough, Much.
  5. Wh Words : What, Whatever, Who, Whoever, Which, Whichever, Whose.

Post Determiners :

  1. Cardinal numbers: One, Two etc.
  2. Ordinal Numbers : First, Second etc.
  3. General Ordinals : Next, last, Many etc.
  4. Quantifiers : Many, Few, Little, Several, Less, More etc.

Lets take a Quiz on this to practice Determiners.

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