Class 10 Online Classes For All Subjects | CBSE | ICSE | NCERT

Class 10 Online Classes For All Subjects | CBSE | ICSE | NCERT


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CBSE Class 10 Online Classes

Welcome to the world of online school classes for class 10 developed by Takshila Learning on the latest exam pattern with NCERT guide/solutions, Notes, study material, Videos, sample question papers on ICSE/CBSE and various State Board exams.

“Excellent Study Pack for Bright Students.”

Designed in concurrence with the latest norms and regulations of the NCERT, CBSE class 10 course by Takshila learning is a must have study material for bright students who want to gain success.

“Exercise Your Reasoning Skills.”

Enriched with a multitude of sample papers for class 10, exercises and worksheets, Takshila school online classes is a complete package that offers valuable service to students in terms of developing a positively inquisitive attitude towards Mathematics where they show confidence and perseverance in solving a mathematical problem. Equally important is the need to develop in students the ability to make logical deductions as well as to explicate their own approach and reasoning skills


What We Do?

Takshila Learning is an online education portal providing K-12 Digital Content (animated videos) for students studying CBSE,ICSE and various Indian State boards. We also provide practice/Test series in online and offline mode. Takshila Learning ensures that students after passing school are given various options to prepare for competitive exams through our coaching courses.


Demo For CBSE Class 10 – All Subjects


What you will get?

  • Digital Content:-

    • Takshila Learning Digital Content includes animated videos as per CBSE and NCERT curricular. It include complete video database of your class with 100% course coverage.
  • Takshila Learning Exam Guru:-

    • Takshila Learning Exam Guru is practice/Test series software. Which are specially designed for students practice purpose.It is available in online and offline format.
  • Takshila Learning Studio:-

    • Takshila Learning Studio is online software. It is similar to encyclopedia.Students can search anything related to their syllabus and they will get the related information only.



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What more we offer

Get your doubts cleared by experts (Extra Cost). You can interact with faculty /Expert to solve your doubt/problem via Chat, Voice Call or Video calling at a prefixed time.


Call @ 8800999280 / 8800999283 / 8800999284 or fill the form for any other details:

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