WHAT IS A PRESS RELEASE IN SEO? Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

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What is a Press Release In SEO & How to do Press Release Submission?

Press Release Submission – A press release is format news, text, pictures, video with the help of which a new topic or newsworthy release like new product launch new functions new services, etc. To make them reach the audience. It is similar to a newspaper advertisement which reaches the newspaper audience. Similarly, there are a lot of websites available on Google for search press releases.

Press release knows only helps in promotions but also creates backlinks that help in traffic generation and brand awareness. There are a lot of websites that allow creating hyperlinks within our content whereas there are some sites that do not allow hyperlinks are in our content but it has contact option below so we can create a hyperlink by giving website details. It is both free and paid.

It is one of the most famous off-page techniques that help to create backlinks quickly and drag our website to the top. Press release helps to send freshness signals to google it also helps to create micro-content and also helps the landing page of the website.


Types of Press Release:

Here are the most effective types of press releases that attract international audiences:


1. Event press release: This release is to promote an event that an organization is organizing. Its main purpose is to create awareness it also attracts media and is done per that. It is one of the most important releases which also comes under event marketing press releases.

2. New hire releases: This release is done by an organization. If there are changes in the executives. It is usually focused on a higher level of executives. It is a type of formal announcement to stakeholders or everyone related to it directly and indirectly. It contains quotes from the CEO of the organization as well as the new hires. It may contain an image and even some videos.

3. Award press release: If an organization is uploaded or receives any kind of award, award press releases help in the notification of the news. Awards are common and rare in a press release but releasing achievement impacts the audience is positive. One needs to be aware of over-promotion and excessive emotional language. Boilerplate must be included in such releases whether the award is for a company or an individual in the company.

4. Feature/product press release: This is one of the most widely used press releases out even big mega-companies like Apple uses this release for the promotions. It is the best source to attract media coverage over a new product launch. It creates hype and timing of these releases. This is very crucial the launch date must be after the press release it is. It focused on the product, its features, and its concept. It deals with Highlighting benefits and differences is from their previous product.

5. Rebranding press release: If an organization is into amalgamation or merger, a rebranding press release is done. It is also an important source of information for the stakeholders and audiences related to the company. It includes all details compiled into a single document. If it specifies, what changes the related audience can expect and all necessary changes in the price, products are also discussed in these press releases. It includes quotes from higher authority ensuring a positive look in the future.

6. Partnership press release: It is quite similar to a rebranding press release. It also deals with a new partner added to the organization. It deals with additional information relevant to the stakeholders of the company. In this case, the release is done for both the partners for their respective audiences. It is a formal communication to the respective customer base. It explains the decisions in changes. It means to be optimistic and when insuring and should provide insight. It must talk about the benefit of the partnership to the customer base of both parties. It needs to be convincing enough.

7. Charitable initiative press release: It is one of the important. Press release for a non-profit organization. It highlights companies’ intentions and motives that it is not only profit. It helps in identifying an organization’s culture of work. It is also media-friendly, as it provides a very good story. It gets media coverage easily. One needs to be aware of being over-emotional and promotional with these releases. It may be written in good caution and focus on the motive behind the course. The information in such releases quantitative and deals with a wide impact it made due to such initiative.


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How to write an effective Press release?

Writing an effective press release is important. It is essential as attracts traffics.

Here are a few tips for better Press release content:


i. News angle – It is important to know the news angle of the press release. The news angle helps in connecting with the readers.

ii. Headline – It is one of the most important as the reader will first focus on it. The headline must be according to the news angle and press release content.

iii. Effective Lead – The first paragraph is the lead of the press release. One must include all the necessary information in it. The lead must be written in the most effective and simple way.

iv. Paragraph with supporting details – The next 2 to 3 paragraphs of the press release must contain all the necessary details in accordance with the first paragraph (lead).

v. Quotes – The press release must include quotes and it should be simple. Quotes help to make the press release more efficient. We need to make sure if it helps the press release. The proper attribution of quotes is important.

vi. Contact information- all contact information must be included in press releases, such as Contact Name, email address, and phone number.

vii. Boilerplate copy – The boilerplate is the details of the organization. It includes the name of the organization, founders’ name, founding date, services it offers, etc. It is brief information about the organization and usually found at the bottom of the Press release.

viii. The use of jargon is strictly prohibited in the press release. We need to use effective language and avoiding jargon is necessary.

ix. Use keywords as deep links.

x. Include multimedia contents such as videos, pictures etc.

How to use Press release as a tactic for SEO?

In order to get the most of any press release, it should have these features:

1. In order to get a high ranking in search engines, it should be well optimized around the keyword.

2. Appropriate usage of backlinks, quality images and keywords must be considered.

3. Use of authority it up your website is essential for publishing.

4. One should conduct manual submission to avoid any error.

5. Client approval is important for all press release submission.

6. A format of a press release is also important in accordance with the PR website.


Browse this video to learn about HOW TO DO PRESS RELEASE SUBMISSION –


When should we send a Press Release?

An organization can send a Press release in certain situations:

  • If there is a breaking news announcement.
  • If a product launch is to be done.
  • If the organization is organizing an event.
  • If an organization needs to share research.
  • If an award needs to be announced.
  • If there is a new hiring of executives in the organization.


Why do we need to submit a press release?

A well-written press release can be proved effective in many ways as:

  • It increases brand awareness.
  • It helps in reputation management.
  • It helps in increasing business value.
  • It creates traffic on the website
  • In order to get the most from press release campaigning. It is important to choose an authoritative PR website. It should be well crafted and well represented.

Press Release Spamming/ link spamming

One should not publish the same press release on different press release website. One should modify the contained in before publishing it on the website after a couple of days. It will help to create unique content. It takes time to get a prude, do the backlinks will be created at a certain time gap two which will impact the website ranking in a positive way.

If you post the same content on many websites, it will be considered as spamming and even links are being added thus link spamming, which is considered negative in SEO. The press release must be scheduled maybe twice a week.


How to select the Press release Distribution service?

In order to get the most from the press release. It is important to choose authoritative Press Release websites. It should be well crafted and well represented.

If we want to get international traffic, we must check for a paid website on google with high-quality service. We need to check what do they guarantee. Are they guaranteeing that you will be picked by wired services like google, yahoo, etc.? You want to know where your press release is actually going and do they provide reports. A report is required to know where your press release has been picked up and see it online to be sure that it is indeed been picked up.


Press Release can be found on google ranging from free to $100,000.

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