Online Tuition Classes for Class 5

Online Tuition Classes for Class 5

Finally on the verge of middle school starting, kids become excited to finally enter middle school. But that also means a 360 degree transformation of the curriculum. To sync with Class 6 syllabus, Class 5 provides a whirlwind transition and we, at Takshila Learning, help them brace themselves for the impact. We inculcate excitement in the hearts of our students instead of fear for middle and senior classes.

As a part of our live online classes, we do not throw your kid in the adult swimming pool to help them learn swimming. We provide tailored lessons per the needs of our kids.

The constant theme across subjects in the Class 5 syllabus changes to India and its diversity, and wellness of the things and people around us.

We, at Takshila Learning, aim to impart more than what the Class 5 syllabus has to offer. Takshila Learning focuses on building their approach to smart learning. We shape their personalities by inculcating different perspectives to approach a subject in our live online classes.

We intend on teaching your kid the Class 5 syllabus, but more importantly, life skills because we intend on shaping your kid’s future to the best way possible.


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Currently, we are providing classes for CBSE, ICSE, and International Board only.

We prepare your child to

  1. Polish their languages
  2. Improve communication skills
  3. Value surroundings and the environment
  4. Understand and value the Indian culture
  5. Have a deeper and clearer understanding
  6. Have an inquisitive mind

We prepare your child by –

  1. Using refined language in Class 5 Hindi & Class 5 English lessons
  2. Regular communication building exercises
  3. Sensitizing them about needs of the environment
  4. Sharing stories of the Indian history and heritage
  5. Easily understandable explanations and Class 5 worksheets
  6. Exploring each topics in numerous ways

With Takshila Learning, your kid will be

  1. A smooth speaker & a patient listener
  2. Understand social construct
  3. Sensitive towards beings in their surroundings
  4. Proud of their nation
  5. A deep thinker
  6. A critical questioner



Pricing Plan

Rs. 550/- Per Hour
Class KG to Class 5th
Study Material - Recorded Videos, worksheets, notes, etc
PTM - Once in a Month
Test - Weekly
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Rs. 500/- Per Hour
Class KG to Class 5th
Study Material - Recorded Videos, worksheets, notes, etc
PTM - Once in a Month
Test - Weekly
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Rs. 700/- Per Hour
Class KG to Class 5th
Study Material - Recorded Videos, worksheets, notes, etc
PTM - Once in a Month
Test - Weekly
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Online Tuition Classes for
Class 5 English

Online Tuition Classes for
Class 5 Maths

Online Tuition Classes for
Class 5 Hindi

Customer Testimonials

My husband and I are both doctors so we do not get much time to look after Urvika’s studies, especially during COVID. So we enrolled her for all subjects here at Takshila Learning for its live classes since last year. I love how the teachers are so deeply invested in the student’s progression. It has been a great experience so far and I am sure it will be great going forward too.
– Anju Gupta (Parent)

FAQ – Class 5 Online Tuition Classes (Online Live Classes)

Q 1: What do I need for me to access your live online classes?
Ans: Preferably, you need a laptop with a decent internet connection. Our platform works even on low bandwidth.


Q 2: Can I talk to the faculty before paying for the live classes?
Ans: Yes. Firstly, we will share a demo video of the faculty you like. You can then ask us for a change in faculty in case you do not feel satisfied. Then, we will try to have a demo class arranged for you where you can interact with the respective faculty.


Q 3: Can I have a one-on-one live class?
Ans: Yes, we offer one-on-one live classes as well as group study packages. You can choose what suits you as per your comfort.


Q 4: Will I be able to ask questions during the live class?
Ans: Yes, you can use the raise hand feature or directly unmute yourself and ask your queries.


Q 5: What configuration of a computer or laptop is required to access the live class?
Ans: Takshila Learning’s live classes can be accessed on any laptop with no specific requirements.


Q 6: What browsers can I use?
Ans: We recommend using Google Chrome to access our live online classes.


Q 7: If I miss any class, will I get a recorded version of my live class?
Ans: Yes, you will get a recorded lecture for the class you missed, but you will have to pay slightly more for it.


Q 8: In what languages are the live classes conducted?
Ans: The classes are mostly conducted in English, but we have teachers who can teach in Hindi, Telugu, and a few other languages as well.


Q 9: Will you conduct any tests or provide any worksheets for practice?
Ans: Yes, it is up to your teachers to have (non) evaluative quizzes or worksheets. If you feel that you need to practise more, you can ask for worksheets.


Q 10: Can Takshila Learning’s live classes be accessed offline?
Ans: No, accessing our live classes requires an internet connection but no specific bandwidth.

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