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Class 9 and Class 10 Online Classes

With the assistance of Takshila Learning video tutorials, students can now study from home without actually having to travel to a teacher instead. Animated video lectures for CBSE Class 9 & Class 10 content is mapped as per the CBSE syllabus; chapters and topics are laid out as in NCERT textbooks. Complete content is formed in high-quality  animation and is the best online video classes for college students of secondary classes.
These videos, worksheets, study material, keynotes, MCQ(s), NCERT Solutions are enough for the entire understanding of concepts. Additional activities offered to assist you to attain excellent marks in exams.
End-to-end NCERT solutions of all subjects for classes 9th-10th, created by leading national level Math & Science Expertise. The chapter-wise NCERT solutions are supplemented with objective and subjective testing to assess conceptual clarity. The NCERT Textbooks are used not only by CBSE but also by State Boards. Hence, these solutions will serve the requirements of the many state board exams also .
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Free NCERT Solutions

Takshila Learning brings to you the NCERT Solutions for Class 1 to 12 for all Subjects to cater to you in framing the answers and preparing for Exams Class 1 NCERT Solutions, Class 2 NCERT Solutions, Class 3 NCERT Solutions, Class 4 NCERT Solutions, Class 5 NCERT Solutions, Class 6 NCERT Solutions, Class 7 NCERT Solutions, Class 8 NCERT Solutions, Class 9 NCERT Solutions, Class 10 NCERT Solutions, Class 11 NCERT Solutions, Class 12 NCERT Solutions

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Takshila Learning Online Classes for 9th and Class 10th | CBSE | ICSE | NCERT