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Online Group Tuition Classes – CBSE/ICSE Board

Online group tuition classes are a means for more than one student to attend live classes online with other peers. We have tailored our group classes as one of our delivery methods for our online coaching classes since they have been a great medium for inculcating team spirit among students as they learn to adjust themselves per the needs of their peers. Group classes also encourage students to work together toward finding solutions which enable sharing of ideas. This proves to be a highly motivating factor for the student to match the levels of the highest achiever among the group establishing a space for a healthy competition.

Takshila Learning’s online classes for kids in the group format have been designed in small groups of 1-5 students for an interactive session among the teacher and the students. We have formed our online group classes keeping in mind that each student requires attention but also, needs fellow peers to grow. As such, we do not wish for our students to get lost among a sea of students which is why a group of 1-5 creates a healthy atmosphere for the kids. This strength gives each child a safe space to voice their doubts and concerns. We put special emphasis on making sure that the teacher to student ratio does not go higher than 1:5 so we effectively align 1 teacher for every 5 students, assuring quality for each student’s learning process. Our group classes, therefore, help in promoting peer interaction among our students and they learn how to study, work and progress together.

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Why group classes might be the best fit for you?

  • Looking for collaborative learning
  • Interested in varied ideas and thoughts
  • Enjoy healthy competition
  • Seek motivation from peers
  • Wish to break out of your shell and overcome shyness
  • Want to work on leadership qualities
  • Strengthen self-esteem
  • Want to build team spirit
  • Work on self-confidence and public speaking
  • Prefer regular practises by means of helping low learners
  • New approaches of solving questions
  • Believe in solidifying your network

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Currently, we are providing classes for CBSE, ICSE, and International Board only.

Why Takshila Learning Group Tuition Classes

  • Live Interactive Classes
  • Focus on Concept Clarity
  • Frequent Practice Sessions
  • Strengthening team spirit
  • Small Groups (3 to 5 Students)
  • Affordable
  • Class Recordings

Customer Testimonials

Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude for Ms.Shalu from Takshila Learning Classes. I arranged classes from Takshila Learning for my twin siblings. Ms.Shalu always goes a step ahead to make them understand their lessons. She also helps in their character development. I have seen a lot of teachers but none like Ms.Shalu, who knows to appreciate her students. I have assessed the progress of  my siblings objectively and it has been on a continuous rise every day. I also appreciate the efforts of Takshila Learning in scheduling the classes beforehand and parents teacher meeting. It provides a safe environment for the students to ask their doubts. I want to extend my thanks to the support team and administrators who are quick to respond. I haven’t faced a single hassle since the commencement of classes. Thank you Takshila Learning.

– Dr.Mawra

FAQ – Group Tuition Classes (Online Live Classes)

Q: How many students will be there in a group?

Ans: The maximum number of students will be 5 to ensure that the live online classes stay collaborative but each student is also given personal attention.


Q: If a student misses the class due to some unprecedented situation, how will the curriculum from that class be covered?

Ans: Recorded sessions would be made available in the dashboard of the student missing the class. In case the student has any doubts after watching the recorded session of the live online classes, the doubts can be discussed with the teacher in the following class.


Q: Do you have any Learning Management System (LMS) or any other platform where the classes will be conducted?

Ans: Takshila Learning has its own LMS with a whiteboard application where the online coaching classes are conducted. Thereafter, recordings of all classes will be made available to the students for revision per their convenience.


Q: How do you track the progress done by the student over a period? Do you have any tracking mechanism for it?

Ans: After completion of every chapter, a test is conducted and the scores are shared with parents.
For students who consistently score low, the teachers personally start paying more attention to them to ensure that they match the level of the class and achieve higher marks. Further, since we have our Learning Management System (LMS) which records each lesson, parents are also given access to go through the recorded videos.
Moreover, a monthly parent-teacher meeting is conducted to discuss the progress of each kid to evaluate the future course required for the kid’s betterment.


Q: How do you check the quality of the classes that are conducted by your teachers?

Ans: Our in-house academic team goes through the recorded sessions of the live classes periodically and evaluates the quality of the teaching methodology and the content of the classes.


Q: How are the doubts of a specific subject addressed? Is there any other platform where the doubts can be discussed?

Ans: Every student can mention their doubts on our LMS and attach any relevant images/documentation, if any, to clarify their doubts. Our teachers respond to those doubts promptly in the live classes or via documented response.


Q: In case of any technical issues during live group classes, how does the team offer support?

Ans: The students can reach out to our technical team mentioning the issue they are facing via an integrated chat option on the homepage of our website or by dropping an email to our support team at [email protected]. Our team immediately starts working on addressing such issues and resolves them on priority.


Q: Can I switch to one-on-one classes after the course starts if I feel my child is not comfortable with group classes?

Ans: Yes, we offer utmost support to offer the best learning experience for each student. A request can be raised by dropping an email at [email protected] and the concerned team will contact you promptly. However, due to the difference in the fee charged for one-on-one class and group live classes, an additional fee payment would be needed to make the switch. The details of the extra payment would be communicated to you by our team.


Q: Can I change the timings of my class after 2 months of the beginning of the course?

Ans: If all students in the group class are in agreement for the change of timings, the change can be made after discussion. However, if a new batch would be near commencement, you will be communicated with the new information and upon your convenience, you may make a switch to the new batch.


Q: How many classes will be conducted in a week?

Ans: There will be 6 classes in a week, which will be from Monday to Saturday.

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