Online Banking Test Series Classes-Table Based Puzzle

Online Banking Test Series Classes Table Based Puzzle,Online Banking Classes

Online Banking Classes-Online Test Series-Table Based Puzzle

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 Takshila Learning aim is to provide quality education at your doorstep. We also provide Online Mock Tests for SBI/IBPS exams. You can join our Online Test Series to enhance your chances to crack any banking exam. We also offer different blogs and articles on important topics, news, and information related to banking exams. In this article, the following topic ‘Puzzles’ from reasoning section is explained.

Online Banking Classes: Puzzles

Puzzles chapter is one of the most important and difficult chapter of reasoning section which plays an important role in cracking the exam. We cannot expect any banking exam without puzzles. Therefore, it becomes necessary for us to understand the concept and types of questions asked in the exam from Puzzles. There are many types of puzzles but here we are starting from the basic type i.e, Table based Puzzle.

Let us understand this concept with an example.

Q:1-3 Seven games Archery, Racing, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Long Jumping and Body Building are to be played. Only one game will be played on each of the seven days of the week, starting from Monday and ending on Sunday. Archery was held on Wednesday. Body building was scheduled the day next to Volleyball. Volleyball was not played on Monday or Friday. Two games were played between the days Volleyball and Kho-Kho were played. Kho-Kho was not scheduled on Sunday. Racing was scheduled a day before Long jumping.


  1. Which of the following statement is true?

(1) Racing held on Monday

(2) Kho-kho held on Tuesday

(3) Volleyball held on Thursday

(4) Both A and B

(5) None of these

  1. How many games played between Kabaddi and Archery?

(1) Two         (2) Three             (3) One          (4) Four         (5) None of these


  1. Which of the following combination is true?

(1) Kabaddi – Monday

(2) Long Jumping – Saturday

(3) Racing – Saturday

(4) Volleyball – Wednesday

(5) None of these




  1. (3) 2. (5) 3. (3)


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Q: 4-9 Seven friends P, K, T, M, S, R, and L are playing seven different sports, viz Badminton, Chess, Cricket, Table Tennis, Billiards, Hockey and Lawn Tennis, from Monday to Friday. Not more than two sports are played on any one of the days. Table Tennis is played by K on Tuesday. M plays on Friday but neither Badminton nor Chess. R plays Cricket but neither on Thursday nor on Friday. P plays Lawn Tennis on the day on which Cricket is played. T plays Billiards on Monday. Badminton and Table Tennis are played on Tuesday. L plays on Thursday.


  1. Which of the following sport is played by L?

(1) Chess          (2) Badminton          (3) Hockey        (4) Cricket        (5) None of these


  1. Hockey is played on which of the following days?

(1) Tuesday    (2) Monday     (3) Thursday    (4) Wednesday    (5) None of these


  1. Which sport is played on Friday?

(1) Lawn Tennis     (2) Cricket             (3) Chess           (4) Hockey           (5) None of these


  1. Which of the following pairs play on Tuesday?

(1) M – S              (2) K – R               (3) S – K          (4) T – S                (5) None of these


  1. Who among the following plays Hockey?

(1) M                   (2) S                       (3) T                  (4) L                      (5) None of these


  1. Lawn Tennis is played on which of the following days?

(1) Tuesday         (2) Wednesday      (3) Friday           (4) Monday           (5) None of these





  1. (1) 5. (5)                   6. (4)                 7. (3)                 8. (1)                9. (2)


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