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One Word Substitution Quiz in English for Banking Exam

list of One Word Substitution Quiz in English for Banking Exam

One Word Substitution Quiz in English for Banking Exam

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List Of One Word Substitution

One word Substitution’ is one of an integral part of the vocabulary. It is asked in various competitive exams like IBPS PO/ Clerical, SBI, SSC, etc. It simply means that a sentence has to be replaced with a single word. This area requires a good vocabulary to solve the questions well.

For example: – A hater of womankind – Misogynist

  • A book published after the death of its author-Posthumous
  • A drug or other substance that induces sleep – Soporific
  • A Government by the Nobles – Aristocracy
  • A person who knows everything – Omniscient
  • A person who speaks two languages – Bilingual
  • A person with an evil reputation – Notorious
  • A supposed cure for all diseases or problems -Panacea
  • A statement which cannot be understood – Incomprehensible
  • A thing that cannot be seen with human eye – Invisible
  • An animal who preys on other animals – Predator
  • A study of birds – Ornithology
  • A speech delivered without any previous preparation – Extempore
  • Belonging to the Middle Ages – Medieval

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Some more examples:

  • Cut off the head –  Behead
  • Do away with wholly – Abolish
  • General pardon – Amnesty
  • Handwritten book – Manuscript
  • Hard but liable to be easily broken -Brittle
  • Hater of mankind -Misanthropist


  • Inscription on a Tombstone- Epitaph
  • Liable to be called to account -Accountable
  • Medical examination of a dead body- Post-mortem
  • Misappropriation of money – Embezzlement
  • Murder of a brother – Fratricide
  • Murder of a father – Patricide


  • Murder of a human being – Homicide
  • Murder of a mother – Matricide
  • Murder of an infant – Infanticide
  • Murder of self – Suicide
  • Murder of the king -Regicide
  • Of a person who can use both hands equally well – Ambidextrous

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  • One incapable of being tired – Indefatigable
  • One who believes in God -Theist
  • One who can throw his voice – Ventriloquist
  • One who cannot be corrected -Incorrigible
  • One who damages public property – Vandal
  • One who does not believe in the existence of God – Atheist


  • One who does not make mistakes -Infallible
  • One who doubts the existence of God – Agnostic
  • One who eats too much -Glutton
  • One who goes on foot -Pedestrian
  • One who is easily deceived -Gullible

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