NOTICE WRITING Class 12 English : Notice Writing Format , Examples

NOTICE WRITING Class 12 English : Notice Writing Format , Examples

NOTICE WRITING Class 12 English : Notice Writing Format , Examples

Notice writing is one of the important tasks not only for the ones who write Notice daily but also for CBSE Class 11 and 12 students as Notice-writing forms an integral part of the CBSE Class 11 English and CBSE Class 12 English Exams. One should know how a write a notice effectively to grasp full marks in the CBSE Exams. Here we come up with an article on Notice-writing in which we are going to sprinkle on some important tips to write a notice, format of notice, and an example of Notice-writing.

Table of Content:

  • What is a Notice?
  • How to Write a Notice
  • Tips & Rules of Notice writing
  • Notice Writing Format
  • Marking Scheme of Notice Writing for Class 12
  • Example of Notice Writing



A notice is a written or printed information or news release. Notices are always displayed in prominent places or published in either newspapers or magazines. A notice can be about a meeting, an event, an excursion/a historical trip/a picnic, lost and found things, change of name/address/timings/venue of some something etc.
As a Notice contains a formal informational or a formal announcement, so there must be a formal format one should follow to write a Notice. The tone and style of the Notice should be formal and factual and as they reach a lot of people in a short time so; a Notice must be to the point and should be written in a simple and formal language. It must be clear, concise and crisp, but should include all the important information.



To write a good notice you need to follow some Rules and Tips. Follow the Rules and sequence given below while writing a notice

The notice should be clear about what the notice is all about, what is going to happen (event), or what has already happened (occasion). This is the crux of the message and should be written clearly.

The notice must include the location If the notice is about an event. The location or venue of the event must be written very clearly.

This is the time and the date of the event or meeting. If possible the duration of the event should also be mentioned to people can schedule their time accordingly.

The notice should clearly mention who the notice is addressed to, who all are supposed to adhere to the notice to avoid any confusion.

And lastly, the notice should also mention whom to contact or get in touch with for further information or details. It should mention the appropriate authority to contact.

Now, here are some further tips and rules of Notice Writing:

  • The ideal length of the Notice should be 50 words.
  • The Notice should be kept in a box and presented neatly.
  • Be precise and to the point.
  • The language of the Notice should be formal, and sentences should be short and to the point.
  • Use passive voice as far as possible.
  • A notice is written in simple and formal language.
  • The date in the notice is given either at the top or at the bottom. Students can write the date of the examination if
  • the date is not mentioned in the question.
  • The signature of the issuing authority is made at the bottom on the left side of the notice.
  • Never use first-person while writing a notice. There should be no use of I, we, and me.
  • It must contain the complete information, e.g., time, venue, date, and agenda, but in minimum words.



A notice must follow the below format from starting to the end –

NAME OF INSTITUTION / ORGANISATION  – The name of Institution or Organization who is issuing the Notice should be mentioned at the top in clear words.

DATE  – The date on which the Notice is written or issued must be mention at top left corner after the Name of the institution. Date should be written as, for example, 24 July, 2020.

HEADING – Then the Heading of the Notice should be written properly and clearly mentioning the purpose of the Notice, e.g., Event, Competition, etc.

BODY  – The body of the Notice should contain all the necessary information like time, venue, last date, starting date, the concerned person to contact, etc and the Body content of the Notice should be written in passive voice without using first person.

SIGNATURE – Then the Notice should mention the signature of the person or Authority who is responsible for issuing or drafting the Notice, at the bottom left corner.

NAME – Signature must be followed by the Name of the person who signature is there.

DESIGNATION – The name must be followed by the post of the person, who is drafting the notice.

You can also learn from visuals now, click on the link to browse video on Notice – Writing –


Template of a Notice


Name of the Office/Institution/Organization, Place Suitable Heading

Name of the Office/Institution/Organization, Place Suitable Heading
4 March 2020Contents. The target audience for whom the notice is. Date, time, venue and all-significant details and any added information that is required (Body of the Notice, 50 words)




Notice writing for class 12 comprises of 5 Marks in total, for which marking scheme is further divided as:
Format/Title (Notice/Heading/Place/Date/Signature with Name and Designation) – 1 Mark
Content – (All within 50 words) – 2 Marks
Expression, Coherence, spellings and grammatical accuracy – 2 marks



Ques: You are Head of the music club of your school named World Music School and your school is organizing the 7th Inter – school music competition for the students of Classes 8th – 12th. Write a notice inviting those who are interested to participate in the Music Competition for an audition in the presence of a renowned singer Mr. Kailash Kher. Construct necessary details.


Notice writing Examples: 2

ii. As the Principal of Apeejay School, Noida draft notice in not more than 50 words informing students of the change in the classrooms for Class 9th and 11th with effect from the 1st of March. State valid reasons for the change. (Delhi 2021)

Apeejay School, Noida

18 February, 2021Change in Classrooms
All students are hereby informed that the classrooms are hereby shifted to the second and third floors for Class 9th and 11th. It has been seen that the students of Class 10th and 12th are walking in the corridors upstairs which is not to be allowed anymore, they have to finish practical exams and leave the school premises.


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