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Where I can Get Best Notes on company Law

Notes on company Law | Best Notes for CS Executive
Where I can Get Best Notes on company Law, Company Law notes for cs executive

Notes on company Law / Company Law notes for CS Executive

We at Takshila Learning ( along with online videos provide you the best quality notes for CS Executive like Notes on company Law. Our notes are short and informative which covers almost all the topics of that particular chapter. These notes are basically based on our video tutorial and the module provided to you all by the ICSI.

The unique feature of our CS Executive notes, for example: Notes on Company Law, the things are elaborated in diagrammatically form which helps students to learn the things quickly and to retain for long time.

Notes on Company Law/ Notes for CS Executive – Company Law video lectures


Allotment of Corporate Identity Number

Section 7(3) states that on and from the date mentioned in the certificate of incorporation issued, the Registrar shall allot to the company a corporate identity number, which shall be a distinct identity for the company and which shall also be included in the certificate.

Corporate Identity Number (CIN) contains 21 digits alpha-numeric number. 21 digits can be bifurcated as follows:-

L/U(1 digit)5 digit2digit4 digit3 digit6 digit
Listed/ UnlistedCode of Economic Activity undertaken As per National Ind-ustrial Classification (If the activity is indiverse fields thencode is 00000)State CodeYear of IncorporationOwnership (Public or Private or Any other firm.For Public- PLC Private- PTC Section 8 Comp- NPLUnique code of the company


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