NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Vistas English The Enemy – Chapter 18

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The Enemy NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Vistas English

The Enemy NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Vistas English Book

NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Vistas English The Enemy  –The Enemy is well-known for being an excellent resource and The enemy English Class 12 NCERT solutions PDF for the exam preparation. Class 12 English NCERT Solutions from Takshila Learning gives its students access to a large number of NCERT problems and solutions. Subject matter experts create CBSE Class 12 English NCERT Solutions, ensuring that learners are prepared for a good grade. The questions in the NCERT Books have been prepared in accordance with CBSE guidelines.


NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Vistas English The Enemy – Chapter 18
NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Vistas English The Enemy – Chapter 18


NCERT Solutions For Class 12 English The Enemy provides us with all-inclusive information on all concepts. Because students must learn the fundamentals of the subject in class 12, this curriculum for class 12 is a detailed study guide that clearly describes the ideas, concepts and themes, this curriculum for class 12 is a comprehensive study material, which explains the concepts in a great way.

Questions Covered in The Enemy NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Vistas English

Question 1 : Who was Dr. Sadao? Where was his house?

Question 2 : Will Dr. Sadao be arrested on the charge of harbouring an enemy?

Question 3 : Will Hana help the wounded man and wash him herself?

Question 4 : What will Dr. Sadao and his wife do with the man?

Question 5 : What will Dr. Sadao do to get rid of the man?

Question 6 : There are moments in life when we have to make hard choices between our roles as private individuals and as citizens with a sense of national loyalty. Discuss with reference to the story ‘The Enemy’.

Question 7 : Dr. Sadao was compelled by his duty as a doctor to help the enemy soldier. What made Hana, his wife, sympathetic to him in the face of open defiance from the domestic staff?

Question 8 : How would you explain the reluctance of the soldier to leave the shelter of the doctor’s home even when he knew he could not stay there without risk to the doctor and himself?

Question 9 : What explains the attitude of the General in the matter of the enemy soldier? Was it human consideration, lack of national loyalty, dereliction of duty or simply self-absorption?

Question 10 : While hatred against a member of the enemy race is justifiable, especially during wartime, what makes a human being rise above the narrow prejudices?

Question 11 : Do you think the doctor’s final solution to the problem was the best possible one in the circumstances?


NCERT Solutions Class 12 Vistas English The Enemy Questions Answers

1) Who was Dr. Sadao? Where was his house?

Dr. Sadao was a well-known Japanese scholar and physician. He was a gentleman who never wavered in his commitment to his profession, even in the face of adversity. He lived in a square stone house built on rocks above a narrow beach on the Japanese coast, which belonged to his ancestors.


2) Is Dr. Sadao going to be arrested for harbouring an enemy?

ANSWER: Dr Sadao treated a wounded prisoner of war who was technically committing a serious crime for humanitarian reasons and because he felt it was his ethical duty. Only his wife, a loyal but wary staff, and a general who was so preoccupied with his own treatment that he would never let the doctor leave him were aware of his existence.


3) Will Hana help the injured man by washing him?

Answer: The injured American had to be cleaned before surgery because he was in such bad shape. Yumi ordered her servant to clean up the dirty and unconscious prisoner because Hana didn’t want Dr. Sadao to do it. Yumi, on the other hand, disobeyed her master’s command and refused the order. Hana had no choice but to wash him herself as a result. While she acted rashly and with a sense of superiority over her servant, Yumi, she did so with honesty.


4) What are Dr. Sadao and his wife going to do with him?

ANSWER: Dr. Sadao and Hana discovered an unconscious, injured POW who posed a serious threat to their own lives. Dr. Sadao, on the other hand, decided to operate on him based on his gut instincts. Even if it was just for the time being, he has saved his life. While only half-heartedly, both took good care of the patient’s health and other needs. Hana was the only one who washed and fed him with her own mouth. Despite the fact that they knew they would have to hand him over to the army at some point, they did everything they could to help the injured person.

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