NCERT Solution For Class 8 Geography , Chapter 5 – Industries

NCERT Solution For Class 8 Geography Chapter 5 - IndustriesClass 8 Geography, Chapter 5 – Industries

NCERT Solutions is known as an extremely helpful resource for preparing for the exam. Takshila Learning provides its learners with access to a wealth of NCERT problems and their solutions. CBSE Class 8 Geography, Chapter 5 Industries NCERT Solutions are built by subject matter experts, so be sure to train learners for a good grade. The questions set out in the NCERT Books are prepared in compliance with the requirements of the CBSE.

NCERT Solution For Class 8 Geography, Chapter 5 – Industries provides us with all-inclusive information on all concepts. As students would have to learn the basics about the subject in class 8, this curriculum for class 8 is comprehensive study material, which explains the concepts in a great way.


  1. Answer the following questions.

(i) What is meant by the term ‘industry’?

Answer: Industry refers to an economic activity that relates to the provision of services such as iron and steel industry, coal mining industry like extraction of minerals and tourism industry.

 (ii) Which are the main factors which influence the location of an industry?

Answer: Establishing an industry leads to the growth and development of that place. Factors affecting the location of industries are easy availability of raw materials and land, adequate supply of water and labor, access to electricity and transport, market presence and a good amount of capital. Sometimes, the government also provides incentives like subsidized electricity, low transportation costs and other infrastructure. This is done to encourage industries to be set up in economically backward areas.

 (iii) Which industry is often referred to as the backbone of modern industry and why?

Answer: Steel is said to be the backbone of modern industry, as almost everything we use is either made of steel or made with machinery or equipment made of steel. The steel industry is basically a feeder industry, the products of which are raw materials for other industries.


(iv) Why has the cotton textile industry rapidly expanded in Mumbai?

Answer: The warm and moist climate, proximity to the port, easy availability of raw material and skilled labour helped in the rapid expansion of the cotton textile industry in Mumbai.

  1. Tick the correct answer.

(i) Fort Gloster is located in

(a) West Bengal

(b) California

(c) Gujarat

Answer: (b) California

(ii) Which one of the following is a natural fiber?

(a) nylon

(b) jute

(c) acrylic

Answer: (b) Jute

  1. Distinguish between the following.

(i) Agro-based and mineral-based industry

Answer: Agricultural-based industries use plant and animal-based products as their raw materials. It is a source of employment for people in rural areas. Food processing, vegetable oils, cotton textiles, dairy products and leather industries are examples of agro-based industries. Whereas, mineral based industries are the primary industries which use mineral ores as their raw material. It is a source of employment for both rural and urban populations. Steel and iron industries and heavy machinery industries are examples of mineral based industries.


(ii) Public sector and joint sector industry

Answer: Government owned and operated industries are public sector industries. The Steel Authority of India Limited and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited are examples of public sector industries. On the other hand, joint sector industries are owned and operated by the state and individuals or groups of individuals. Maruti Udyog Limited is an example of joint sector industry.


  1. Give two examples of the following in the space provided :

(i) Raw Materials: _____________ and _____________________

Answer: Iron ore and Cotton

(ii) End products: _______________ and _________________________

Answer: Steel and Cloth

(iii) Tertiary Activities: ________________ and __________

Answer: Transport and banking

(iv) Agro-based Industries: ____________ and ____________

Answer: Dairy and Sugar

(v) Cottage Industries: ___________ and ________________

Answer: pottery and basket weaving

(vi) Co-operatives: ______________________ and _____________

Answer: Mother Dairy and Anand Milk Union Limited (Amul)


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