NCERT Solution For Class 7 English Poem, Chapter 5 – The trees

NCERT Solution For Class 7 English Poem, Chapter 5 - The treesClass 7 English Poem, Chapter 5 – The trees

NCERT Solutions is known as an extremely helpful resource for preparing for the exam. Takshila Learning provides its learners with access to a wealth of NCERT problems and their solutions. CBSE Class 7 Science The trees NCERT Solutions are built by subject matter experts, so be sure to train learners for a good grade. The questions set out in the NCERT class 7 english book

NCERT Solution For Class 7 English – The trees provide us with all-inclusive information on all concepts. As students would have to learn the basics about the subject in class 7, this curriculum for class 7 is comprehensive study material, which explains the concepts in a great way.

Question 1: What are the games or human activities which use trees, or in which trees also ‘participate’?

Answer: The human activities and actions in which trees also participate and contribute are making tree houses, swinging on swings, hiding behind trees while playing ‘Hide and Seek’, having tea parties under them, making cool shades in summers, etc.

The trees  english book

Question 2: (i) “Trees are to make no shade in winter”. What does this mean? (Contrast this line with the line immediately before it.)


(i) Trees make no shade in winter means that people and tribes do not lie under it in winter as it is already very cold and therefore, people look for warm and cozy places. The poet has mentioned and spoken of how trees are useful and beneficial in summers as they provide cool shade to people. He has contrasted and differentiated this statement with the next one where he has spoken of that trees do not provide any shade in winters.


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