NCERT Solution For Class 7 English, Chapter 10 – The story of cricket

NCERT Solution For Class 7 English, Chapter 10 - The story of cricketClass 7 English, Chapter 10 – The story of cricket

NCERT Solutions is known as an extremely helpful resource for preparing for the exam. Takshila Learning provides its learners with access to a wealth of NCERT problems and their solutions. CBSE Class 6 English The story of cricket NCERT Solutions is built by subject matter experts, so be sure to train learners for a good grade. The questions set out in the NCERT class 7 english chapter 10.

NCERT Solution For Class 7 English, Chapter 10 – The story of cricket provides us with all-inclusive information on all concepts. As students would have to learn the basics about the subject in class 7 english book, this curriculum for class 7 english chapter 10 is comprehensive study material, which explains the concepts in a great way.

Question 1: Cricket is originally a/an

  1. Indian game.
  2. British game.
  3. International game. Mark the correct right answer.

Solution: 2. a British game.

Question 2: “There is a historical reason behind both these oddities.” In the preceding two paragraphs, find two words/phrases that mean the same as ‘oddities’.
: 1.peculiarities.

2.curious characteristic.

Question 3: How is a cricket bat different from a hockey stick?
A cricket bat is thick, and flat, straight while a hockey stick is bent at the bottom.

Comprehension Check

Question 1: Write True or False against each of the following sentences.

  1. India joined the world of Test cricket before independence.
  2. The colonizers did nothing to encourage the Parsis in playing cricket.
  3. Talwalkar Baloo was India’s first Test captain.
  4. Australia played its first Test against England as a sovereign nation.

Solution: 1. True 2. False 3. False

Comprehension check

Question 1: A ‘professional’ cricket player is one who makes a living by playing cricket. Find the opposite of ‘professional’ in the last paragraph.

Question 2: In “the triumph of the one-day game”, ‘triumph’ means the one-day game’s

  1. superiority to Test cricket
  2. inferiority to Test cricket.
  3. achievement or success over Test cricket.
  4. popularity among viewers.  Mark the right answer.

Solution: 4. Popularity among viewers

Question 3: “ the men for whom the world is a stage”.

  1. It refers to the famous cricket fields in the world.
  2. It means that there are many cricket playing countries in the world.
  3. It implies that cricketers are like actors and every cricket ground is like a stage on which the drama of cricket is enacted the world over.  Mark the right answer.

Solution: 3. It implies that cricketers are like actors and every cricket ground is like a stage on which the drama of cricket has enacted the world over.

Working with the Text

Question 1: Name some stick-and-ball games that you have witnessed or heard of.
Hockey, Polo, squash, golf.

Question 2: The Persis were the first Indian community to take to cricket. Why?
Persis were in a personal connection with the British because of their interest in trade. They were the first Indian community to westernize and went up adopting the game of cricket.

Question 3: The rivalry between the Persis and the Bombay Gymkhana had a happy ending for the former. What does ‘a happy ending’ refer to?

Solution: ‘Happy ending’ here basically refers to the defeat of the Bombay Gymkhana by the Parsi club in a cricket match held in 1889.

class 7 english chapter 10 the story of cricket  english book

Question 4:
Do you think cricket owes its present popularity to television? Justify your answer.
Solution: Yes, cricket owes its popularity to television as it has expanded and widened the audience of the game by taking cricket to villages and small towns, cities, etc.
Children from these areas now had the opportunity to learn the game, watching international games, and imitating their favourite cricketers.

Question 5: Why has cricket a large viewership in India, not in China or Russia?
Cricket is not played in communist countries like China and Russia so it has less amount of viewership there and India is one of the ancients’ cricket playing nations which further expands to its large viewership in the country.

Question 6: What do you understand by the game’s (cricket) ‘equipment’?
The appliances and accessories such as a bat, ball, stumps, and bells are the equipment used in playing the game. Pads, helmets, and gloves are defensive equipment used while playing cricket.

Question 7:How is Test cricket a unique game in many ways?
: Test cricket is unique because it can go on for five days and yet can end with a tie. No other game needs even half of this time to finish. A football match is played for 90 minutes and even nine innings of a baseball match get over less than what it takes to finish a one-day match.

Question 8: How is cricket different from other team games?
Cricket is different and unusual from other team games because in cricket, the length of the pitch is mentioned as 22 yards however, the structure of the ground could be oval or circular. There is no particular measurement for the size of the ground as well. It is the only game to be played for five days and can end without an explicit result. Unlike cricket, many other popular games like hockey or football follow a distinct specification for grounds

Question 9: How have advances in technology affected the game of cricket?
Advancement in technology has been used in manufacturing defensive equipment in cricket. The newly developed vulcanized rubber was used in pads and gloves and the helmets are made up of metal and lightweight synthetic materials.


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