NCERT Solution For Class 7 English Poem, Chapter 3 – The shed

NCERT Solution For Class 7 English Poem, Chapter 3 - The shedClass 7 English Poem, Chapter 3 – The shed

NCERT Solutions is known as an extremely helpful resource for preparing for the exam. Takshila Learning provides its learners with access to a wealth of NCERT problems of the shed poem and their solutions. CBSE Class 7 English The shed NCERT Solutions are built by subject matter experts, so be sure to train learners for a good grade. The questions were set out in the NCERT poem in English for class 7.

NCERT Solution For Class 7 English Poem, Chapter 3 – The shed provides us with all-inclusive information on all concepts. As students would have to learn the basics about the subject in class 7 the shed poem, this curriculum for poem in English for class 7 is comprehensive study material, which explains the concepts in a great way.

Question 1: Answer the following questions.

(i) Who is the speaker in the poem?

(ii) Is she/he afraid or curious, or both?

(iii) What is she/planning to do soon?

(iv) “But not just yet…” suggests doubt, fear, hesitation, laziness, or something else. Choose the word which seems right to you. Tell others why you chose it.

the shed the shed poem the shed poem  poem in english for

Answer: (i) The speaker in the poem appears to be a small boy who discusses a shed, which is at the bottom of his garden.

(ii) He/she is both worried, afraid, and curious. Whenever he ratifies by the window of the shed, he realizes that somebody is gazing at him. This suggests that he is anxious to go inside. However, after interpreting each part of the shed with its weird sounds and other explanations, he says that he would go inside the shed one day. This shows his curiosity and interest. He wants to know if all the things his brother had told him are true or not and whether there is any ghost or spirit inside the shed or not. That is why he is a little afraid, but a lot more curious.

(iii) She/he is planning to go inside the shed soon.

(iv) “But not just yet…” indicates the speaker’s hesitation and uncertainty. He is confident and sure that there is no ghost or spirit in the shed and that the stories or tales of ghosts that his brother makes up are all lies or fibs. There is nobody or nothing staring or making strange noises or sounds. Also, there is no more a spider on that web on the major or main door. However, there is some fear and suspicion inside him, as he still cannot have ample courage to set foot inside the shed even though he listens or hears the noises coming from the shed every night and has also passed by the shed many times. This shows that his curiosity and interest are mixed with a certain amount of fear, suspicion and therefore, he hesitates and flinches to go inside the shed as yet.

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