NCERT Solution For Class 6 English Chapter 4 – Beauty Poem

NCERT Solution For Class 6 English Chapter 4 - Beauty PoemNCERT Solutions for Class 6 English

NCERT Solutions is known as an extremely helpful resource for preparing for the exam. Takshila Learning provides its learners with access to a wealth of NCERT problems and their solutions. CBSE Class 6 English NCERT Solutions beauty poem class 6 are built by subject matter experts, so be sure to train learners for a good grade. The questions set out in the NCERT beautiful poems

NCERT Solution For Class 6 English Chapter 4 – Beauty Poem provides us with all-inclusive information on all concepts. As students would have to learn the basics about the subject in class 6, this curriculum for class 6 is comprehensive study material, which explains the concepts in a great way.

Question 1:

The poet says, “Beauty is heard in…”

Can you hear beauty? Add a sound that you think is beautiful to the sounds the poet thinks are beautiful.

The poet, Shelley, said:

Heard melodies are sweet,

But those unheard are sweeter.

What do you think this means? Have you ever ‘heard’ a song in your head, long after the song was sung or played?


A sound that is beautiful is the singing of a bird.

In the given lines, Shelley says that when we hear melodies, we enjoy them. However, later when we think about those melodies and remember the lyrics and the music, they seem sweeter. This is because they evolve emotions in us as we hear the music in our heads and we appreciate its real beauty even more than we do when we are actually listening to those songs. That is why Shelley feels that when we hear melodies, they are sweet. However, when later we remember them and listen to them in our heads, they appear sweeter even though they are unheard.

beauty poem  beautiful poems


Question 2:

Read the first and second stanzas of the poem again. Note the following phrases.

Corn growing, people working or dancing, wind sighing, rain falling, a singer chanting

These could be written as

  • Corn that is growing
  • People who are working or dancing

Can you rewrite the other phrases like this? Why do you think the poet uses shorter phrases?


Wind sighing: Wind that is sighing

Rain falling: Rain that is falling

A singer chanting: A singer who is chanting

The poet uses shorter phrases because it is a poem and therefore, its rhyme has to be maintained. Also, it enhances the ‘beauty’ of the poem.


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