NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints without Feet Chapter 4 A Question of Trust

NCERT Solutions for A Question Of Trust Class 10

NCERT Books Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints without Feet Chapter 4 A Question of Trust

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints without Feet Chapter 4 A Question of Trust is considered as the most scoring subject in Class 10 CBSE. So, a student needs to work on this subject to make good in Class 10 English Exam. It’s very important to build a strong command over the English language. Class 10 forms a stepping stone for a student’s bright future. In this competitive world, it is very important to have good English because effective communication can reach people better. Hence, the English language plays a powerful tool in communication.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints without Feet Chapter 4 A Question of Trust

Takshila Learning provides you with detailed and well explained NCERT Solutions for Class 10 of each chapter of each subject for NCERT Class 10. These NCERT Solutions help you to easily understand every concept so that you can score high in your CBSE Class 10 Board Exams.

Below you can find the NCERT solution for Class 10th English. You can get a Solution for the all-important question of ” A Question of Trust”

Question 1: What does Horace Danby like to collect?

Answer: Horace Danby liked to collect rare and expensive books.


Question 2: Why does he steal every year?

Answer: He used to steal every year so that he could buy rare and expensive books which he loved to collect. Each year, he planned carefully, made enough burglaries in the last twelve months, and bought books secretly through an agent.



Page No 22:

Question 1: Who is speaking to Horace Danby?

Answer: A woman standing in the doorway was talking to Horace Denby. She was young and beautiful, and wore red clothes. She said that she had arrived early, or else Horace would have robbed her family. Thus, he pretends to be one of the family members living in Shotover Grange.


Question 2: Who is the real culprit in the story?

Answer: The real culprit was the woman who pretended to be a family member living in Shotover Grange. He tricked Horace into believing, and cleverly took all the jewelry that had been kept in the vault.



Page No 25:

Question 1: Did you begin to suspect, before the end of the story, that the lady was not the person Horace Danby took her to be? If so, at what point did you realize this, and how?

Answer: Yes, before the story ends, one begins to suspect that the woman was not the person Horace Denby went to pick her up. He was unusually quiet upon seeing Horace. It seemed quite strange. When he did not call the police, and instead asked Horace to get all the jewelry out of the safe, even if it meant being uncovered, it looked suspicious. Furthermore, it was also unlikely that she would forget the number to open the safe.Therefore, it was clear, before the story ended, that the woman was not the person Horace had taken her to carry.

Question 2: What are the subtle ways in which the lady manages to deceive Horace Danby into thinking she is the lady of the house? Why doesn’t Horace suspect that something is wrong?

Answer: The woman managed to betray Horace Denby, thinking that she is the woman of the house in her subtle ways. She was very well dressed, just as the lady of the house would dress up. Also, his way of talking calmly, the way he patted the dog, and his going to the chimney to straighten the jewels there made him aware of the place. He controlled his voice and voice according to the situation.Sometimes, she spoke in a kind voice. At other times, she spoke in a serious way. She would occasionally laugh, and then, suddenly, her voice would become louder. He said how society should be protected from men like Horace. Because of all these things, Horace could not doubt that she was not a woman of the house. He himself was nervous, and was afraid of being caught. The moment she saw that she would let him go, he quickly opened the vault for her, and promised not to rob again.According to the narrator, he was a ‘good, honest citizen’. This was the reason why Horace did not suspect anything.

Question 3: “Horace Danby was good and respectable − but not completely honest”. Why do you think this description is apt for Horace? Why can’t he be categorized as a typical thief?

Answer: “Horace Danby was good and respected – but not completely honest”. This description is appropriate for Horace. He was about fifty years old. He used to rob only from rich people, and his purpose was to buy rare and expensive books with money. He committed theft only once a year. It was good to buy books. However, the heft he took to gain the fact that he was not completely honest. He cannot be classified as a typical thief because he did not steal to eat or drink.He had a house. He made locks, had two people to help him, and was successful in his business. He had stolen enough money to buy only books. For a few days, he kept his promise to the woman he met at Shotover Grange, not planning a robbery or a robbery.

Question 4: Horace Danby was a meticulous planner but still he faltered. Where did he go wrong and why?

Answer: Horace Denby was a meticulous planner, but still faltered. He used to plan his robberies very well. He knew all the details of Shotover Grange. He knew the time when there would be no one at home. He even knew the dog’s name in the house. However, he was completely deceived by the woman he met at home. He had overtaken him. He was taken by her subtle methods, and he did not realize that he could be a thief himself. He was frightened to see her and begged her to let him go. When she asked him to remove the jewelry, she was horrified. They did not feel any oddity in leaving him, and did not arrest him. He was only too happy and grateful that he could leave. In his haste, he also ignored the fact that his fingerprints were all left safe. He believed the blind woman, and thus, despite his careful planning, he faltered.



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