NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses Part I

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English The Hundred Dresses Part 1

NCERT Books Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses Part I

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses Part I is considered as the most scoring subject in Class 10 CBSE. So, a student needs to work on this subject to make good in Class 10 English Exam. It’s very important to build a strong command over the English language. Class 10 forms a stepping stone for a student’s bright future. In this competitive world, it is very important to have good English because effective communication can reach people better. Hence, the English language plays a powerful tool in communication.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses Part I

Takshila Learning provides you with detailed and well explained NCERT Solutions for Class 10 of each chapter of each subject for NCERT Class 10. These NCERT Solutions help you to easily understand every concept so that you can score high in your CBSE Class 10 Board Exams.

Below you can find the NCERT solution for Class 10th English. You can get a Solution for the all-important question of “The Hundred Dresses – I Class 10”

Ques 1: Where in the classroom does Wanda sit and why?

Ans: Wanda used to sit in the seat next to the last seat, in the last row, in Room Thirteen because she her feet use to be caked with dry mud and use to be very dirty. So in order to avoid being a fun element by her classmates, she sat there to hide her dirty feet.



Ques 2: Where does Wanda live? What kind of a place do you think it is?

Ans: Wanda use to live in Boggins Heights. It seemed that it was a place away from the school and there was a lot of dry mud, thereby indicating that it was not a very high class locality.



Ques 3: When and why do Peggy and Maddie notice Wanda’s absence?

Ans: Peggy and Maddie noticed Wanda’s absence after three days, that is on Wednesday because they wanted to be make her fun and they waited for her for a long time but she didn’t came.



Ques 4: What do you think “to have fun with her” means?

Ans: Wanda was a quiet and shy type of girl who was ashamed of her dirty and muddy feet and the girls used to make fun of her feet. This gave them a lot of pleasure therefore, they wanted to have fun with her and enjoy.



Oral Comprehension Check:

Ques 1: In what way was Wanda different from the other children?

Ans: Wanda was different from the other children as she did not have friends. She came to school alone and also went home alone. She always wore a faded blue dress that did not fit her properly and she did not talk to anybody like others did.



Ques 2: Did Wanda have a hundred dresses? Why do you think she said she did?

Ans: No, she did not have a hundred dresses because she was poor and wore the same blue dress everyday to her school. In order to hide her inferiority complex and impress the other girls, she always said that she had a hundred dresses.



Ques 3: Why is Maddie embarrassed by the questions Peggy asks Wanda? Is she also like Wanda, or is she different?

Ans: Maddie was embarrassed by the questions that were asked by Peggy to Wanda because she was poor herself. She usually wore old clothes, which were given to her by someone else. She never felt sorry for Wanda. She was worried that, everyone would start teasing her too and she also thought she was different from Wanda in the sense that she would never claim that she had types of hundred dresses. She was not so poor like Wanda.


Oral Comprehension Check:

Ques1: Why didn’t Maddie ask Peggy to stop teasing Wanda? What was she afraid of?

Ans: Maddie couldn’t ask Peggy to stop teasing Wanda because Peggy was her best friend and she had faith in Peggy that she would never do wrong. She was afraid of being laughed at for her poor dresses and status.



Ques 2: Who did Maddie think would win the drawing contest? Why?

Ans: Maddie thought that Peggy would win the drawing contest because Peggy’s  drawing was so good, she could copy a picture in a magazine, or some film star’s face perfectly that one could tell who it was by seeing.



Ques 3: Who won the drawing contest? What had the winner drawn?

Ans: Wanda won the drawing contest. The winner of the drawing contest has drawn hundred beautiful dresses.


Thinking about the Text:

Ques 1: How is Wanda seen as different by the other girls? How do they treat her?

Ans: Wanda is seen as different by other girls because she is a poor and a lonely girl. The girls made fun of her poverty and laughed on her dress that she use to wear.


Ques 2: How does Wanda feel about the dresses game? Why does she say that she has a hundred dresses?

Ans: Wanda did not show any feelings about the dresses game because it is most likely that she was hurt badly. It could have been one of the reasons why her family shifted to another city.

She wanted to draw the attention of her friends towards her. So, she felt very happy whenever she told her friend that she had a hundred dresses.



Ques 3: Why does Maddie stand by and not do anything? How is she different from Peggy? (Was Peggy’s friendship important to Maddie? Why? Which lines in the text tell you this?)

Ans: Maddie always stood by and never did anything as she was afraid that if she did anything she would be the next target of the children and she doesn’t want such thing to happen. She herself was poor and therefore, felt that if she spoke against the other children, they would target her too. Unlike her, Peggy was from a rich family. This was also the reason why Maddie could feel like Wanda, but Peggy could not. Maddie was Peggy’s best friend. It seemed that she was in awe of Peggy. She admired her a lot as she said that Peggy was the most liked girl in the class and that she drew better than anyone else. Maddie did not have the courage to go against Peggy. Some of the lines from the text which show that Peggy’s friendship was important to Maddie are:

  1. Peggy, thought up this game, and Maddie, her best friend, were always the last to leave.
  2. Maddie was Peggy’s best friend, and Peggy was the best-liked girl in the whole class.
  • Maddie was sure Peggy would win the drawing contest.



Ques 4: What does Miss Mason think of Wanda’s drawings? What do the children think of them? How do you know?

Ans: Miss Mason appreciated the paintings of Wanda very much. She was also impressed at the creativity of the girl because she had painted a hundred paintings.

The children also liked the drawings very much Everybody stopped and whistled. After Miss Mason had announced that Wanda was the winner of the drawing contest they burst into applause, and even the boys were glad to have a chance to stamp on the floor and whistle. Also, just as Peggy and Maddie entered the room, they stopped and gasped. Later they recognized the designs which Wanda had described to them. And in the end of the story Peggy exclaimed, “…and I thought I could draw.” This shows that she realized how beautiful Wanda’s drawings were.



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