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NCERT Solutions Class 8 Science – Some Natural Phenomena – Lightning


NCERT Solutions Class 8 Science - Some Natural Phenomena - Lightning, 8th class science, NCERT Solutions Class 8, class 8 science

NCERT Solutions Class 8 Science – Some Natural Phenomena – Lightning

NCERT Solutions Class 8 Science:- In the previous article, we have discussed Electric charges from some natural phenomena. Now we will talk about Lightening and how does it occur.

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Lightning is the result of massive electric charge curving from cloud to cloud, from one part of the cloud to another, or from a cloud to the ground.

Scientists have conducted various research but not very sure exactly how this happens. Thunder clouds carry electric charges and these charges separate within the cloud. Negative charges are on the lower portion of a cloud and the upper portion carries positive charges. These charges keep building up.

Air is an insulator, but when a huge amount of charge builds up, the insulating property of air breaks down. Nearby air molecules are ripped apart. As the ragged molecules are charged and the air supply contains charged particle it becomes a conductor of electric current. This process happens in step by step. Successive layers of air are made conductive in a zigzag or step-like path.

Lightning strike generates a huge amount of electric current.

The enormous amount of heat produced makes the air expand very suddenly this causes a wave of vibrations which is the cause of the thunder we hear. We can say lightning is accompanied by large amounts of electric current and very high temperatures, both of which are very dangerous. We learn to protect ourselves during a thunderstorm.

Lightning Conductors

Lightning conductors are used to protecting buildings from the damaging effects of lightning. Lightning strikes building or other objects

Lightning Strikes building or other objects because the materials in then provide an easier path to the ground than air.

A lighting Conductor runs from the top to the bottom, along the outer wall of the structure to be protected. The lower end of the lightning conductor is linked to a metal plate which is underlying deep under the ground.

If lightning strikes, the building is protected as the lightning conductor provides an easy path of the charge to pass through to the ground.

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Safety Measures Against Lightning Strikes

Lightning usually strikes tall building and trees. Here are some safety measures you can take if you are caught in a thunderstorm.

  • Do not take shelter under a tree. Not only are you in danger of being struck by lightning, but if the tree gets struck by lightning, it could catch fire and cause great harm to you.
  • Try to take shelter indoors.
  • You can even take shelter inside a car or a bigger vehicle such as a truck.
  • Do not run across a large open field or high ground.
  • If you cannot find a safe place, squat down in a low-lying place.

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