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NCERT Solutions Class 7 Science – Weather

NCERT Solutions Class 7 Science - Weather,CBSE Class 7 Science

 NCERT Solutions Class 7 Science – Weather

Learn and practice with Takshila Learning and score the best in exams. Here, you find Class 7th Science notes, worksheets, study material in easy language for learning and understanding. A special feature we provide you is that our content is drafted in English and Hindi both languages. In this post, we shared some notes on Weather from CBSE Class 7 Science.

Weather, Climate and Adaptation of Animals to Climate

Weather: The day to day condition or temperature of the atmosphere at a specific place is called a weather. The weather can be too hot or cold, calm or stormy, wet or dry, clear or cloudy.

Weather Report: The periodic report about the weather,generally released by the meteorological department is called a weather report. Oftenly, the Weather report is shown along with the news on television.

Elements of weather: The miscellaneous elements of the weather are: temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall, wind-speed, etc.

Temperature: Temperature of the earth depends upon the duration of sunshine. During the summer season, the span of the sunshine is longer. Due to this, the temperature is high in summer. The temperature is minimum in the morning and maximum at noon.

Humidity: Humidity is the amount of water vapors present in the air. Humidity is measured in percentage (%). During rainy season, humidity is at the highest level.

Rainfall: Amount of the rainfall is measured in terms of mm (millimeters). For this, an apparatus used is called rain gauge.

Wind-speed: Wind speed is also known as wind flow velocity. Wind speed is generated by air moving from high pressure to low pressure, due to changes in temperature. It affects the condition of the weather.

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Department of Meteorology:  The Meteorological Department is a government department, measures, the elements of weather and keeps their record. Meteorologists receive and use data from satellites and analyze the data to forecast about the weather.

Climate: Climate is the average weather condition of at least 25 years; in a given geographical part.

The climate of India is said to be hot and humid, because the temperature is usually high and so is the humidity for most parts of the year. The climate of Rajasthan is said to be hot and dry because the temperature is very high, but the humidity level is very low. On the other hand, the climate of Kashmir is said to be cold because the temperature is very low.

Rain forest: Rain forest is found mostly near the equator. Areas near the equator receive more sunshine and hence more rainfall and makes the place hot and humid. Temperatures vary from 15⁰C – 40⁰C generally near the equator. Rain forests are also present in some tropical areas.

Desert: Temperature in the desert is higher as compared to planes and hills and it receives less or little rain fall. So, deserts are hot and dry.

Polar Region: Polar Region is at high altitude and hence does not receive adequate sunshine. Due to this, the temperature is very low in the Polar Regions. The Polar Region is wrapped in the snow, because of the low temperature.

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