CBSE & NCERT Solutions Class 6 Science Water

CBSE & NCERT Solutions Class 6 Science Water

CBSE & NCERT Solutions Class 6 Science Water

For Online CBSE Class 6 Science live classes please visit our website. In this article, we will share notes of chapter 11 – Water of 6th Class Science.

We cannot imagine our life without water as we all drink water, and use water for our day to day activities. Let’s understand more about water.


  • We need water for drinking, bathing, cooking food and washing our clothes and utensils.
  • Agriculture requires a large amount of water for growing crops.
  • All kind of animals needs water for their survival.
  • For big and small factories required water for producing a verity of goods needed in daily life.

Once we use water for some given activity, we do not use it again and let it flow through the drain as waste or dirty water. For doing the same activity we required daily basis clean and fresh water.

Watch and learn water and its sources with animated videos of Class 6 Science.

Have you ever thought from where this freshwater comes?

Oceans as the Major Source of Water

The Oceans and seas cover ¾ Surface of the Earth. The Sea Water is salty and is unfit for drinking or agriculture activities. In spite of its drawbacks oceans is the major source of fresh water. How?

  • The process due to which water changes into its vapor from its exposed surface is called evaporation.
  • The factors which increase the rate of evaporation are:

i.The higher temperature of the air.

ii.Movement in the air.

iii.The larger area of the exposed surface.

During the daytime when the sun shines over oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, fields, cities, towns, and the heat from it evaporate vast amount of water. The water vapor so formed mixes in the air. Thus, day-in and day-out water vapor continuously enters in the air.

There is another way by which large amounts of water vapor are added to the air it is done through Plants.

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Plants absorb water from the soil with help of their roots. Adsorbed water is then transported to various parts of the plant such as steam, branches, leaves, and fruit. Some of the water is used for making food by the plants. The surplus water is released into the air through their leaves by the process of transpiration. The amount of water which is released into the air in the form of water vapor by the process of transpiration is very large.

Let’s take an example to understand the amount of water vapor which is released into the air-

A corn field measuring 100 m × 100 m roughly transpires water equal to a water tank measuring 100 m × 100 m and 90 cm high, from the time of its planting to harvesting of the crop. Similarly, in order to produce 1 kg of wheat grain, the wheat plants transpire 500 kg of water which is equal to 50 buckets of 10-litre capacity.

CBSE & NCERT Solutions Class 6 Science Water

Thus, to conclude, water vapor is continuously added into air-

  • Through the process of evaporation by the heat of the sun, from various water bodies.
  • Through the process of transpiration by all kinds of plants which grow on the surface of the land.

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CBSE & NCERT Solutions Class 6 Science Water  CBSE & NCERT Solutions Class 6 Science Water  CBSE & NCERT Solutions Class 6 Science Water  CBSE & NCERT Solutions Class 6 Science WaterCBSE & NCERT Solutions Class 6 Science Water

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