What is the History, Objectives, and Significance of National Voters Day?

National Voters Day History, Objectives and Significance

National Voters Day History, Objectives and Significance

National Voters’ Day 2021 will be celebrated on January 25 across the world. The day was first celebrated on 25 January 2011 to mark the Founding Day of India’s Election Commission. On January 25, 1950, the India Election Commission, or ECI, was set up.

The Election Commission was proposed in a union cabinet meeting which was held in the year 2011, chaired by the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. A proposal from the Law Ministry for National Voters Day was accepted in this meeting, so the first time this day was observed was in 2011.

Why is National Voters’ Day celebrated?

National Voters Day is celebrated annually on 25 January throughout the world. This day’s sole aim is to make people aware of their voting rights and to attract more people to vote and contribute to the democratic political process, mainly the newly qualified younger generation.

The minimum voting age previously was 21 years, which has been reduced to 18 years.

National Voters’ Day is celebrated, particularly for new or first-time voters, to inspire, promote and optimize enrolment. On this day, in order to encourage active participation in the democratic process, voters are made aware. In the National Voters’ Day event, new voters or first time voters are presented with their Elector Photo Identification Card.

What is the theme for National Voters’ Day 2021?

“Making Our Voters Empowered, Vigilant, Safe and Informed” is the theme for National Voters’ Day in 2021. ECI noted that the theme was chosen to set the tone for year-long events aimed at empowering voters, making them safe, alert, and aware.

To mark the founding day of the Election Commission of India, the independent constitutional authority responsible for conducting elections, National Voters’ Day (NVD) is celebrated nationwide. This was introduced in 2011 by the Manmohan Singh government.

National Voters’ Day is celebrated with a theme every year. “The theme was “No vote to be left behind” in 2019 and ‘Electoral Literacy for Stronger Democracy’ in 2020. The government is undertaking campaigns on this day to encourage voters (particularly young voters) to take part in the political process. National Awards are given in election processes for excellence and creativity. The contribution of the election machinery is recognised in these awards.

Who can vote in India?

A person who is at least 18 years old on the qualifying date is entitled to vote according to the Constitution of India. Indian democracy requires people to vote under the Citizenship Act regardless of their prior status of subjugation, ethnicity or colour. Indian passport holders may also vote for NRIs.


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When was the Election Commission of India established?

On January 25, 1950, with the appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner, the Election Commission of India was established. It operates pursuant to Article 324 of the constitution of India. It consists of three members, a commissioner of the chief election and two other commissioners. They are named for six-year terms by the president of India. The legislative body is the Election Commission.

India’s elections are the world’s most comprehensive democratic exercise and are governed by the Election Commission. Elections are held for the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, State Legislative Assemblies, State Legislative Councils, and the offices of the country’s President and Vice President. ECI is responsible for free and equal voting and is considered to be the guardian of the elections.

ECI determines polling spending quotas and retains electoral rolls and takes a decision on polling schedules. The committee publishes or bans voting habits that could impact voters. The commission has named Indian Revenue Service officers as election observers for all elections in order to curb the impact of cash for votes.

The Election Commission shall, by means of its affidavit, take stock of the candidate’s particulars and properties, as filled out at the time of nomination.

The responsibility for allocating broadcast time on the state-owned cable television network and other electronic media was also assumed and the powers of a civil court to investigate complaints and enforce the election rules were also granted.

A number of people in the country over the legal age of voting are arguably not even aware of their voting rights, impeded by a lack of education. Therefore, this day is celebrated with the intention of spreading information among individuals about voting to choose a representative from a political party who can then meet their needs and assist in developing a specific region.

India, being a democratic country, offers every citizen the right to vote. This day represents the significance of exercising the right to elect a representative.

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