National Tourism Day History, Objectives and Significance

National Tourism Day History, Objectives and Significance

National Tourism Day History, Objectives and Significance

The definition of tourism refers to the broad context that defines the essential features of tourism and distinguishes tourism from similar, frequently related but distinct phenomena. Tourism is a way to highlight special features of a country or city and bring the significance to the knowledge of everyone.

Why and when is National Tourism Day celebrated?

On 27 September, World Tourism Day is celebrated, while on 25 January, National Tourism Day is celebrated in India. This celebration is all about cultivating and raising awareness among society around the world about the importance of tourism, as well as its social, political, financial and cultural significance and value.

We all know that India is the land of diversity and we proudly carry a rich cultural heritage to showcase for the outside world. National Tourism Day aims to promote the importance of tourism for the country’s economy from the industrial aspect.


When is World Tourism Day Celebrated? Why?

Each year, on 27 September, World Tourism Day is celebrated to raise awareness among the global tourism community of the social, cultural, political and economic importance of tourism and the contribution that the sector can bring to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Not many people know that in India, January 25 is observed as the National Day of Tourism. It is a day that the Indian government has marked in order to encourage tourism in the region. It is a day dedicated to educating people about the importance of tourism in the Indian economy and the role it plays.

As per estimates, more than 7.7 percent of Indian workers are employed by the tourism industry. Millions of foreign tourists visit India annually (7.42 million in 2014). India was ranked 34th on the World Competitiveness Index for Travel and Tourism in 2019, moving up six positions from 2018.

The aim of celebrating National Tourism Day is to encourage the rich diversity in this beautiful and great country that we have. We can use our culture’s diversity to draw even more tourists from all over the world. The beautiful cultural and geographical variety, the diversity of food we have in each state.

All of this also makes tourism a feasible industry to operate within the country. As we reported earlier, because of the tourism industry and the Ministry of Tourism, more than 7.7% of Indian employees get work.

Approximately 93,67,424 tourists visited India in 2018, as opposed to over 88,67,963 in 2017, according to the data accessible. India is also the seventh-largest economy in the world for travel and tourism, according to the World Travel and Tourism Board. By 2028, India is projected to add about 10 million jobs to the travel and tourism market. Uttar Pradesh, Jamma & Kashmir, Goa, Himachal Pradesh are some of the places which have tourist attractions.

India has a rich culture with diverse customs, rituals, and festivals. Every few kilometers, the landscape, language and way of life change here. Such diversity makes India a top tourist attraction. When they fly, even Indians are shocked, as every nook and corner of the country presents a different picture.

Tourism provides a big boost to a nation’s economy, too. January 25 was designated as the National Tourism Day by the Indian government to raise awareness of the importance of tourism to the economy of the country.


What is the theme of National Tourism Day?

In 2019 the theme was “Tourism and Jobs: a better future for all” and in 2020 the theme was: “Tourism and Rural Development“.

India offers a range of types of tourism, including cultural, nature, heritage, education, industry, sports, rural, medical, cruise, and eco-tourism. The Ministry of Tourism is India’s central agency for the establishment of national tourism promotion and development policies. It also operates in collaboration with central agencies, state agencies and the public sector.

It could be the best day to realize how awesome India is when it comes to travel and tourism. Many of us dream of visiting enticing destinations abroad without taking into consideration how much we would see in our own country. India has caught the fascination of many foreign tourists year after year.

In improving India’s economy, tourism plays an enormous role. The travel and tourism industry contributed a total of $124.8 billion to GDP in India in 2015, according to estimates. That means that nearly 6% of the total GDP of India came from travel and tourism. It reiterates the reality that it is important to take tourism seriously.

It makes sense for the government to make great efforts to ensure that the nation becomes cleaner, to implement more amenities and facilities at railway stations and public places, and to take general safety measures at common locations.

India’s tourism sector is rising at a very impressive pace in comparison with the rest of the world. India has become one of the world’s fastest rising tourist destinations, according to a report conducted in 2014. It was eleventh on the list, but what is most encouraging is that India’s direct travel and tourism contribution to GDP is projected to increase by an average of 6.4 percent annually.

Takshila Learning celebrates tourism and travel and supports different channels of communicating globally throughout the industry. The industry of travel and tourism is the best way to reach learners globally. The industry makes the students aware about different places and their exclusive features add to the economic value of the country. The day supports this industry and aims to spread the wings of education far and wide through the same.

Takshila Learning proudly celebrates National Tourism Day within the Community of learners and the educators.


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