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Faculty Rammohan Bhave




(CA, CMA, CS, IFRS Holder & LL.B.)


• LIMCA Record Holder 2011 on IFRS – 77 cities 1139 participants thru Reliance

• Video conferencing locations, Lecture thru webinar with 37000+ web hits

• He is triple qualified (CA, CMA, CS & LL.B.)

• 30 Years industry experience: Worked as CFO/ Chief Finance Director for last 13 years. Company experience includes Reliance Infocomm, Mittal group, Europe, Foundation software, USA, Singapore, Australia, Gammon India. International Work Experience: worked in USA, Singapore and Australia (2000 – 02), London, Bulgaria (2007-08). visited and worked in Japan, Croatia, Oman, Dubai, Netherland, Thailand

• Ind AS implementation committee member (ICAI) 16-17 (In past 2010-11)

• Affiliated to IICA (Institute of Corporate Affairs – a knowledge sharing body started by MCA)

• Independent director on LIC MF Trustee Co Ltd

• Flagbearer of the profession award from ICSI 2015

• 1301 no. of LECTUREs on IFRS/Ind AS as of March 2017

• 10000+ students on classroom training of average 5 days on IFRS/Ind AS

• 1000+ students in online lectures of average 5 days on IFRS/Ind AS in 22 countries & 70 cities of India

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