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Lohri Festival

Lohri Festival In India – About Lohri Tradition

Lohri Festival – Lohri is a Punjabi winter folk festival, celebrated on 13th January every year. It is believed that from this festival, days start becoming longer and night becoming shorter. This festival is celebrated as the harvest festival. People celebrate this festival by lighting the bonfire at night, singing songs and dancing.

Although it is the key festival of Punjab is, some Northern states of India like Himachal Pradesh and Haryana also celebrates. The people of Sindhi community called this festival as “Lal Loi”.

This festival is important for farmers and it is considered as harvest season. This festival gives an opportunity to the family members and friends to meet one another and spend some quality time. While lighting the bonfire, people throw popcorns, rewaries, sugar candies, etc in it and take round around the fire.

According to the customs and rituals, people eat food like Makkiki roti and Sarson ka Saag. In Punjab,people prepare themselves for Bhangra and Gidda as it is the folk dance of Punjab. This festival holds great importance for the newly married couple and newly born babies. Family celebrates this festival and other relatives give gifts to the brides or baby.

Earlier it is celebrated by giving gajaks to the family member, but the trend is changed now, people prefer gifting chocolates or cakes to one another. They are also against cutting the trees and lighting up the bonfire as it destroys/harms the environment.

History of Lohri song

On the occasion of Lohri, people sing the Dulha Bhatti song. This song also has a history. Dulha Bhatti lived in Punjab and regarded as the hero who saves girls from being forcibly sold in the market. It was the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar. Among those, he saved two girls names Sundri Mundri. That is why song contains names like Dulha Bhatti, Sundri and Mundri.

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Lohri Festival In India - About Lohri Tradition Lohri Festival In India - About Lohri Tradition Lohri Festival In India - About Lohri Tradition Lohri Festival In India - About Lohri Tradition

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