Live / Online Tuition Classes for Class 11 & 12 (Humanities / Arts)

Live/Online Tuition Classes for
CBSE Class 11th & 12th
(Humanities / Arts)

As we all know Science and Commerce streams do not have as many options as humanities do at the school level, which has greater options to offer.

Subjects that are offered in Class 11 and 12 Art or Humanities stream are Economics, History, Psychology, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Philosophy, etc. Understanding of difficulties in the Society, and the ability to research things are skills & qualities that we can find in Humanities Students. By Choosing Humanities as a field of education in Class 11, Students have different career options like Public Administrator journalist in news channels, lawyers, artist in many areas, teachers of various subjects, political scientist, writer or author, fashion designers, graphic designer, interior designers, psychologist, and professionals like economist, marketing/advertising professional, anthropologist, etc., students who are willing and curious to learn more about culture, society and world around them, its history, society, systems, laws are a good fit to choose a stream called Humanities.

So, to make Humanities subjects uncomplicated and understandable for you, Takshila Learning, provides Online Live and interactive Classes for Class 11th and 12th Humanities/Arts students.


Live / Online Tuition Classes for Class 11 & 12 (Humanities / Arts)

Live Class is the most convenient way which provides two-way interaction between the student and the teacher where students and teacher can easily communicate with each other and students learn by staying in the safe zones of their home as it’s a combination of a audio video call and a classroom atmosphere – which we call e-classroom. Takshila Learning provides a magnificent platform that uses an interactive whiteboard along with various other great features like two way screen sharing, raise hand and chat that make learning from Live Classes really impressive, convenient, interactive and economical.

Live / Online Tuition Classes for Class 11 & 12 (Humanities / Arts)

  • Chapter-wise and Topic-wise classes as per curriculum
  • Pre-defined Schedule of Live Classes
  • Two-way whiteboard for perfect explanations
  • Online Quizzes on a regular basis
  • Raise a hand option for students query
  • Multiple viewing settings
  • Best faculties from all around the world
  • Special focus on concepts where the student is weak
  • Monthly review with parents
  • Availability of Recording option at additional cost
  • E-worksheets or PDFs in the study material which students can read online or take a print
  • On-Demand Special Doubt sessions on Saturday/Sunday
  • Audio Videos presentations through screen sharing for better interaction
  • A personalized learning experience for the student
  • Dedicated support staff for any assistance to students, parents, & teachers during the Live Class
  • Practical preparation
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Packages for LIVE Tuition Classes
Class 11th & Class 12th One to One Study


Rs. 700/- Per Hour
Class 11th and Class 12th
Study Material - Recorded Videos, worksheets, notes, etc
PTM - Once in a Month
Test - Weekly
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Rs. 700/- Per Hour
Class 11th and Class 12th
Study Material - Recorded Videos, worksheets, notes, etc
PTM - Once in a Month
Test - Weekly
Buy Now
Rs. 1000/- Per Hour
Class 11th and Class 12th
Study Material - Recorded Videos, worksheets, notes, etc
PTM - Once in a Month
Test - Weekly
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Online Classes for
Class 11 & Class 12 Science and Commerce

Online Classes for Class 11 Science

Online Classes for Class 11 Commerce

Online Classes for Class 12 Science

Online Classes for Class 12 Commerce


Ques 1: What do I need to have to access your Online LIVE Classes?
Ans: Preferably you need a Laptop with a decent internet connection. Our platform works even on low bandwidth.


Ques 2: Can I talk to the faculty before Paying for Live Classes?
Ans: Yes, First, you watch the demo videos of the faculty you like and you can even ask us for more. Then, we will try to have a demo class arranged for you where you can interact with the respective faculty.


Ques 3: Can I have one-on- one individual Live Class?
Ans: Yes, we offer one-on-one individual Live Class as well as Group Study Live Class packages. You can choose what suits you as per your comfort.


Ques 4: Will I be able to ask questions during live class?
Ans: Yes, you can use the raise hand feature or directly unmute yourself and ask your queries directly.


Ques 5: What configuration of a computer or laptop is required to access the live class?
Ans: Takshila Learning’s Live Classes can be accessed on any laptop with no specific requirements.


Ques 6: What browsers can I use?
Ans: Google Chrome is recommended by us to access Our Online Live Classes.


Ques 7: Is any specific internet speed/connection is required to watch Live Classes?
Ans: Our platform works well with low bandwidth also. So, steady internet is required but not high speed or any other specifications.


Ques 8: If I miss any class, will I get a recorded version of my live class?
Ans: Yes, you will get a recorded lecture for the class you missed, but for this you have to pay slightly more.


Ques 9: In what languages are the live classes conducted?
Ans: They are mostly in English, but we have teachers who can teach in Hindi, Telugu, and a few other languages as well.


Ques 10: Will you conduct any tests or provide any worksheets for practice?
Ans: Yes, it is up to your teachers to have (non) evaluative quizzes or worksheets. You can even ask for it.


Ques 11: Can the Takshila Learning’s Live Classes be accessed offline?
Ans: No, accessing our Live Classes requires Internet connection but no specific bandwidth.


Ques 12: Is there any customer care number to contact?
Ans: Yes, you can call up our customer care number 08045681010, +91-8800999284.

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