List of Superlatives of World for Competitive Exam Preparation

43 Important Superlatives Of World For Competitive Exam Preparation, List of Superlatives of World
Superlatives Of World For Competitive Exam Preparation

43 Important Superlatives Of World For Competitive Exam Preparation


Here, we are giving the list of Superlatives of World, i.e., Largest, Smallest, Fastest, Highest, Tallest, Biggest, etc important for General Awareness (GK) for various Competitive Exams such as SSC, Railways, Banking, Insurance, Delhi Police, UPSC and many more.

List of Superlatives of World

  1. Largest Continent: Asia
  2. Smallest Continent: Australia
  3. Tallest Building: Burj Khalifa, Dubai (UAE)
  4. Tallest Tower: Skytree, Tokyo, Japan (634m)
  5. Largest Democracy: India
  6. Largest Stadium : Strahov stadium in Prague, (the Czech Republic)
  7. Biggest Flower: Raffesia (Java)
  8. Largest Land Animal: African Bush Elephant
  9. Largest Mammal: Whale
  10. Longest Day: 21st June (in Northern Hemisphere)
  11. Shortest Day: 22nd December (in Northern Hemisphere)
  12. Largest Delta: Sundarbans, India (8000 sq. miles)
  13. Longest Desert: Sahara, Africa (84, 00,000 sq. km.)
  14. Largest Island: Greenland (renamed Kalaatdlit Nunaat)
  15. Largest Lake (Artificial): Lake mead (Bouler)
  16. Largest Lake (Fresh Water): Lake Superior, U.S.A
  17. Largest Lake (Salt Water): Caspian Sea (3, 71,000 sq. km.)
  18. Largest Planet: Jupiter
  19. Brightest and Hottest Planet (also nearest to Earth): Venus
  20. Farthest planet (from the Sun): Neptune
  21. Nearest Planet (to the Sun): Mercury
  22. Smallest Planet: Mercury
  23. Longest Railway: Trans-Siberian Railway (6,000 miles Long)
  24. Longest River: Nile (6690 km), Amazon (6570 km.)
  25. Lightest gas: Hydrogen
  26. Tallest Animal on (land): Giraffe
  27. Fastest Bird: Swift
  28. Largest Bird: Ostrich
  29. Smallest Bird: Humming Bird
  30. Biggest Bell: Great Bell at Moscow
  31. Wingless Bird: Kiwi
  32. Largest Mammal: Whale
  33. Highest Mountain: Mount Everest
  34. Largest Waterfall: Angel Falls (Venezuela)
  35. Shortest River: Roe (Montana, US)
  36. Largest Island: Greenland
  37. Largest Peninsula: Arabia
  38. Largest Ocean: Pacific Ocean
  39. Smallest Ocean: Arctic Ocean
  40. Largest Gulf: Gulf of Mexico
  41. Largest Bay: Bay of Bengal
  42. Largest Sea: Mediterranean Sea
  43. Largest Lake: Caspian Sea

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