Lifelines of National Economy – Transport – Class 10 Social Science

Lifelines of National Economy - Transport - Class 10 Social Science
Lifelines of National Economy

Lifelines of National Economy – Transport – Class 10 Social Science

Class 10 Social Science – When we talk about the lifelines of the national economyTransport is very important. Here we will discuss all types of a transportation system that helps in the development of the country.

What is transport?

Transport refers to the movement of goods and people from one place to another. There are three modes of transport

•    Land including Road, rail, and pipeline.

•    Water including  Inland and ocean.

•    Air including domestic and international.

What is communication?

Communication refers to the transfer of ideas, messages or information from one place to another. TV-radio, cell phones, newspapers, magazine, and the internet are different mode of communication.

There two types of communication

•    Print Media that includes newspaper, magazines etc.

•    Electronic media that includes TV, radio, and internet.

What is Harbour?

It refers to the area from where the ship enters the sea. Itis safe from waves and storms


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What is Port?

It is a point on the coast which provides various facilities for a ship like anchoring of shi, loading, unloading, berth, cold storage etc. The seaports also help in trade and commerce.

What is hinterland?

The area that serves the port for international trade. For example, Maharashtra, MP, Rajasthan are the hinterland for Mumbai seaport.

What is an express highway?

Express highways are constructed to connect big cities and provide fast traffic from one place to another.

Road Transport and their types

India has one of the largest road networks in the world and the total road length is 2.3 million km.

Types of Road Transport

  • Golden Quadrilateral

It is a six-lane superhighway that connects 4 major cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata.

  • National Highway

National highways are important roads in India constructed by CPWD. Some of the important national highways are NH1. NH2, NH7 etc. They connect important cities, railway station, port, mining areas, etc.

  • State Highway

These roadways are constructed by SPWD which connects district headquarters with the state capital.

  • District Roads

District roads are found in the district areas under rural land. They connect district headquarter with village and blocks,

  • Other Roads

Other roads include village roads which are majorly not metalled. The majority of them are constructed by Pradhan Mantri Grameen Sadak Yojana.

  • Border Roads

These roads are constructed by Border Road Organization. They are constructed along the border which connects isolated parts with main parts of the country.

Indian Railways

It is 150 years old and the first rail was started in the year 1853 between Mumbai and Thane. Indian railways connect the state capital with the capital of India. It also connects almost all towns, cities, tourist places, mining centers, seaports, airports, etc. In India, there are 7000stations with 63000 km long railway tracks.

Railway system has three gauge systems including Meter Gauge, Broad Gauge, and Narrow Gauge.

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