Learn Importance Of Rivers On World River Day

Learn Importance Of Rivers On World River Day

Learn Importance Of Rivers On World River Day

World River Day is celebrated in September on fourth Sunday to commemorate the world’s waterways and highlight the dangers of rivers. These threats can be prevented through the active participation of people to ensure the health of the rivers in the coming years.

World River Day 2020 is a celebration of World Waterways. It sheds light on the many values ​​of our rivers, seeks to raise public awareness, and promotes the best functioning of all rivers around the world. Rivers in virtually every country face many dangers and only through our active participation can their health be ensured in the years to come.

It is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September. This year, this day falls on September 27, 2020. World River Day aims to raise public awareness and promote the best functioning of all rivers around the world. World River Day celebrates the world’s waterways and highlights the importance of rivers. This day is meant to raise awareness and encourage people to protect important and beautiful rivers.
River Day began with this new initiative, which was suggested by Mark Angelou, who is already an international river lawyer.



The United Nations (UN) launched the Water for Life Decade in 2005. The aim was to help create greater awareness of the need to better manage water resources around the world. Following this initiative, World Rivers Day (WRD) was established in response to the suggestion of International Rivers Advocate Mark Angelo.
Many river lovers from all over the world came together to organize the WRD event and this day was celebrated in 2005 and was a huge success. In 2005, the WRD was celebrated in dozens of countries. WRD is celebrated every year on the fourth Sunday of September. Currently, millions of people in more than 70 countries are celebrating the many values ​​of the waterway.

The Water for Life Decade was launched by the United Nations in 2005 to help raise awareness of the need to better manage our water resources. Subsequently, World Rivers Day was established in response to a resolution initiated by internationally renowned river lawyer Mark Angelo.
Based on the success of BC Rivers Day, established and led by Mark Angelo in western Canada since the 1980s, a global program to commemorate rivers was proposed. A World Rivers Day event was seen by UN agencies as good fitness. Water targets and proposals for the life deck approved. The first event was a huge success in 2005, and Rivers was celebrated in dozens of countries. Since then, the phenomenon has been growing. It is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of every September. Last year, millions of people in 100 countries celebrated the many values ​​of our waterways.

You may be wondering why we need Rivers Day because everyone already knows about the many rivers around the world. it is true, But some do not know how dangerous some of them are.
Numerous human activities cause pollution and destruction on many of the world’s major waterways, and it is a dangerous strategy for those who regularly use rivers as a source of water and transportation.
The main goal of Rivers Day is to make everyone aware of the importance of river cleanliness and to do everything we can to limit the dangers that plague our rivers.

So, you may be wondering how it all started. It started with the Life for Water Decade, launched by the United Nations in 2005. It was created to raise awareness of the need to ensure that our water resources are well maintained. This eventually created Rivers Day. This was in response to a suggestion made by world-renowned river lawyer Mark Angelo.


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Rivers are very important in people’s lives. The importance of rivers cannot be ignored. Rivers play an important part in their lives as people cannot drink or eat without rivers (water). The industry relies on river water to supply electricity to machinery, and non-toxic wastes are discharged from the industry after being carried into rivers. Rivers provide water for crops to grow. It helps to re-fertilize the fallow land, so it is also good for plant growth. Rivers are the main source of agricultural growth which is the backbone of a country.

Importance of Rivers:

  • Rivers carry nutrients and areas around the earth. It plays an important role in the water cycle of rivers and acts as drainage channels for surface water. This leaves about 75% of the Earth’s surface.
  • Rivers provide food and habitat for many living things on earth.
  • In addition, rare trees and plants grow along the rivers. Otters, ducks, and beavers build houses along the river.
  • Plants such as Buller and reed grow along the river.
  • Some animals use the river for food and drink. Birds like Kingfishers eat small fish from the river. Animals such as deer, lions, and elephants drink water from rivers. Animals like bears fish from rivers.
  • The Deltas River is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Mammals, birds, and insects use the delta for their homes and food.
  • Provides rivers, routes, and travel routes for trade, exploration, and recreation.
  • The valleys and plains near the rivers provide fertile soil. Farmers in arid areas irrigate their crops with water from nearby rivers.
  • Rivers serve as an important source of energy. At the beginning of the industrial era, shops, mills, and factories were built near rivers where electric machines could use water. Steep rivers are used to power hydropower plants and their water turbines.



Crop fertilizers and pesticides are washed from the soil by rain and drained into rivers. Pesticides and fertilizers are harmful because they cause algae to grow. Algae then destroy aquatic plants. Also, factories that use machines or machines carrying water from rivers that pour cool water back into the river can cause pollution in the river. Besides, people throw garbage and plastic bottles and cool packets directly into the rivers. These factors contribute to river pollution.

River pollution kills aquatic plants and animals. Contaminated water can cause diseases to animals, people, and other organisms dependent on water. People get many diseases by eating infected animals. Agriculture and other agricultural activities are suffering due to dependence on the river.

Governments of all countries should strive to clean up impure rivers. There is a need to make people aware of river pollution, which affects the lives of people and other organisms that depend on water. Governments and organizations can promote and implement programs to clean rivers.



We all have many ways to connect with rivers. You can pick up a local event like Litter Cleaning or Beach Litter. There are loads of different events aimed at getting people out and activating to help improve local rivers.
Some events focus on wildlife in our rivers. An example is attending a fish culture event run by some local river organization near you.

This is a great excuse to celebrate your local river as well. For example, some decide to take them on the water to go sailing, kayaking, or canoeing. Even if you do not want to enjoy the rivers, you can not enjoy them on a better day than the river! You can appreciate what needs to be done to help keep them clean and help local wildlife enjoy healthy habitats.

One way you can celebrate River Day is by planning an event. It is a good idea to choose an event that is going to use local resources and expertise that will address local issues, customs, and interests. Events on this day can have a similar event, such as cleaning a sewer or taking a bed to a big local festival.
It is good to include different organizations and groups from the community so that you can get participation and local support. Liaise with local businesses, hospital bases, government, and local schools.
You can contact local interest groups such as environmental groups, the Recycling Society, the Heritage Society, the Music Society, the Art Society, the Decker, the Paddlers, and the Borders.

By getting help from people from different groups, you can diversify your program. This means that it becomes a celebration of your local environment and your community’s interaction with rivers.
You can visit the World Rivers Day website and sign up for updates and alerts on various events around the world. You do not know, you can plan something for your area on this date.

No matter how you spend your next riverside day, we are sure it will help you appreciate your local waterway. If everyone had done so, imagine how clean our rivers would be!



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