Latest English Quiz For SBI Clerk Exam 2019 : PART : 33

Latest English Quiz For SBI Clerk Exam 2019 : PART : 32

Latest English Quiz For SBI Clerk Exam 2019


Directions (1-10): Fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningfully complete.

The art of wood carving is very old craft in India. Since time immemorial, man had started _(1)_his home by using wood carving methods. They used to make dolls and toys for their children. Wood craft in India is a common heritage and is _(2)_to exist across all parts of the country.

The traditional craftsmen used wood, stone, earth and colour for painting as raw materials. They_(3)_ carved doors, door frames and brackets in palaces and temples.

Images of Gods, Idols and Deities were also made of Wood. Sacred woods were used in such

creations. The wood carvers had to retain strict _(4)_throughout the period they were occupied in the work. There was no restriction on the usage of colour and varnish. We can see carved wooden symbols in the rural areas which reminds us of a tribal_(5)_.

Wood craft is still being used for carving toys and dolls. The modern wood carving has touched a new height of sculpuresque perfection. At maintain traditional local _(6)_at the same time.

The religious product includes images of gods and legendary figures like Durga, Ganesha, etc. Some craftsmen carve a single piece of wood to form an object. These attempts are made for artistic_(7)_. Some distinct forms and shapes of items of wood craft have come down from remote past and some _(8)_forms have been evolved maintaining the custom and simplicity.

In the past, these wood craft items such as toys, dolls, idols, etc. were meant for local market. There is a great demand for these wooden products as decorative items. The mostly carry decorative value in modern society.

Some wood artisans make wooden masks _(9)_customary religious sentiments.

The tools used for Wood craft are mainly the carpenter’s tools, carving chisels and the wood.

The woods that they use are soft and are easily available.

There are thousands of wood craftsmen making pieces of wood carved items of _ (10) _ beauty.


  1. (a) renovating (b) decorating (c) beautifying (d) coloring (e) framing
  2. (a) established (b) found (c) inserted (d) set up (e) tend
  3. (a) beautifully (b) remarkably (c) splendidly (d) skillfully (e) effectively
  4. (a) difficulty (b) tenacity (c) accuracy (d) austerity (e) frugality
  5. (a)pedigree (b) culture (c) legacy (d) custom (e) heritage
  6. (a) zest (b) flavor (c) squirt (d) fragrance (e) spirit
  7. (a) presentation (b) affirmation (c) illustration (d) demonstration (e) manifestation
  8. (a) experimental (b) innovative (c) creative (d) imaginative (e) traditional
  9. (a) exhibiting (b) illustrating (c) indicating (d) depicting (e) presenting
  10. (a)wonderful (b)decorative (c) exceptional (d) anomalous (e)exemplary


Directions (11-16): Reading Comprehension


Once upon a time there was a boy whose name was Jack, and he lived with his mother on a common. They were very poor, and the old woman got her living by spinning, but Jack was so lazy that he would do nothing but bask in the sun in the hot weather, and sit by the corner of the hearth in the winter-time. So they called him Lazy Jack. His mother could not get him to do anything for her, and at last told him, one Monday, that if he did not begin to work for his porridge she would turn him out to get his living as he could.

This roused Jack, and he went out and hired himself for the next day to a neighboring farmer for a penny; but as he was coming home, never having had any money before; he lost it in passing over a brook. “You stupid boy,” said his mother, “you should have put it in your pocket.”

“I’ll do so another time,” replied Jack.

Well, the next day, Jack went out again and hired himself to a cow-keeper, who gave him a jar of milk for his day’s work. Jack took the jar and put it into the large pocket of his jacket, spilling it all, long before he got home. “Dear me!” said the old woman; “you should have carried it on your head.”

“I’ll do so another time,” said Jack. So the following day, Jack hired himself again to a farmer, who agreed to give him a cream cheese for his services. In the evening Jack took the cheese, and went home with it on his head. By the time he got home the cheese was all spoilt, part of it being lost, and part matted with his hair. “You stupid lout,” said his mother, “you should have carried it very carefully in your hands.” “I’ll do so another time,” replied Jack.

Now the next day, Lazy Jack again went out, and hired himself to a baker, who would give him nothing for his work but a large tom-cat. Jack took the cat, and began carrying it very carefully in his hands, but in a short time pussy scratched him so much that he was compelled to let it go. When he got home, his mother said to him, “You silly fellow, you should have tied it with a string, and dragged it along after you.” “I’ll do so another time,” said Jack. So on the following day, Jack hired himself to a butcher, who rewarded him by the handsome present of a shoulder of mutton. Jack took the mutton, tied it with a string, and trailed it along after him in the dirt, so that by the time he had got home the meat was completely spoilt. His mother was this time quite out of patience with him, for the next day was Sunday, and she was obliged to do with cabbage for her dinner. “You ninny-hammer,” said she to her son, “you should have carried it on your shoulder.”“I’ll do so another time,” replied Jack.

Well, on the Monday, Lazy Jack went once more and hired himself to a cattle-keeper, who gave him a donkey for his trouble. Now though Jack was strong he found it hard to hoist the donkey on his shoulders, but at last he did it, and began walking home slowly with his prize. Now it so happened that in the course of his journey he passed a house where a rich man lived with his only daughter, a beautiful girl, who was deaf and dumb. And she had never laughed in her life, and the doctors said she would never speak till somebody made her laugh. So the father had given out that any man who made her laugh would receive her hand in marriage. Now this young lady happened to be looking out of the window when Jack was passing by with the donkey on his shoulders; and the poor beast with its legs sticking up in the air was kicking violently and heehawing with all its might. Well, the sight was so comical that she burst out into a great fit of laughter, and immediately recovered her speech and hearing. Her father was overjoyed, and fulfilled his promise by marrying her to Lazy Jack, who was thus made a rich gentleman.


  1. Why Jack was repeatedly asked to go for work by his mother?

(a) Because Jack was too lazy to do any work at home.

(b) Because the mother wanted her son to learn new work every day.

(c) Because she was too old to earn living for her home.

(d) Because she could not get any work for her son.

(e) Because they were poor and she wanted her lazy son to contribute to their living.


  1. What did Jack earn after hiring himself to a baker?

(a) He was rewarded with a piece of mutton.

(b) He was presented with a large tom-cat.

(c) He was rewarded with a jar of milk for his day’s work.

(d) He was rewarded with a cream cheese.

(e) He was rewarded with a coin.


  1. Why, according to the passage, his mother had to cook cabbage for the dinner?

(a) Because there was nothing else to cook.

(b) Because she wanted to teach her son a lesson for his continuous stupidity. (c) Because she was very annoyed by her son’s behavior.

(d) Because the meat was completely marred by her son.

(e) None of the above.


  1. Why the rich man married his daughter to lazy Jack?

(a) Because he promised to marry her daughter to the man who would make her laugh.

(b) Because Jack was very sincere and honest.

(c) Because Jack was comical enough to impress her daughter.

(d) Because he got sympathetic towards Jack’s economic condition.

(e) Because his daughter insisted him to do so.


  1. Why did Jack carry the donkey on his shoulders?

(a)He wanted to impress the rich man’s daughter.

(b)His mother asked him to do so.

(c)He was foolish as he did not know how to carry a donkey.

(d)He followed what his mother advised him after his last stupid act.

(e)The donkey was rigid and reluctant to go with him.


  1. What was the ultimate fate of lazy Jack?

(a) He finally came out of his stupidity.

(b) He was no more a lazy boy as he used to be earlier.

(c) He got married to a rich girl and became a rich gentleman.

(d) He was highly praised by his mother and the rich man.

(e) None of the above.


Solutions: 1-16

  1. (b)
  2. (b)
  3. (d)
  4. (d)
  5. (e)
  6. (b)
  7. (d)
  8. (b)
  9. (d)
  10. (c)
  11. (e)
  12. (b)
  13. (d)
  14. (a)
  15. (d)
  16. (c)

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