Latest Online English quiz for SBI CLERK : Part 14

Latest English quiz for SBI CLERK : Part 14

Latest Online English quiz for SBI CLERK

Directions(1-5): In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each ofwhich is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningful.

 Adult tigers will meet socially only during courtship, when a male and female stay together for several days. After successful mating, the tigress will (___1___) away the male to (___2___) the cubs by herself. Cubs are born blind after a gestation period between 96 and 104 days. If their eyes open after two weeks, they do not begin to eat well until the second month. At this stage, they are most (___3___) to predators like jackalsand hyenas as they are left alone for long periods when the tigress is away hunting. Infant mortality is therefore high; a tigress (___4___) raises more than one cub per litter successfully. She will keep her (___5___) with her for almost two years, teaching them everything necessary to perfect their survival skills. At the end of this time, she will gently push them away so that she is free to search out a new mate and begin the breeding cycle anew.

1. (a) Run

(b) Give

(c) Throw

(d) Drive

(e) Make

2. (a) Rear

(b) Grow

(c) Lift

(d) Develop

(e) Produce

3. (a) Averse

(b) Vulnerable

(c) Subject

(d) Inclined

(e) Prone

4. (a) Seldom

(b) Usually

(c) That

(d) Only

(e) Sometimes

 5. (a) Newborn

(b) Offspring

(c) Descendent

(d) Cub

(e) Child

Directions (6-10): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is ‘No error’, the answer is e). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.)

6. The protestors went on aram paging (a)/ and set ablaze three shops (b)/ resulting in injuries to 30 people (c)/ including women and children. (d)/ No error (e)

7. It is evident that (a)/the banking sector has underwent (b)/tremendous change during (c)/the past two decades.(d)/No error(e).

8. The reports prompted the chairman of (a)/ the organizing committee to address a hurried press conference (b)/ where he reprimanded the media (c)/for conducting a “prejudiced campaign”.(d)/Noerror(e).

9. The merchant counted (a)/ the number of pearls (b) to make sure that (c) none of them were missing. (d) Noerror (e).

10. How is it that (a) neitheryour friend Mahesh (b)/ nor his brother Ramesh have protested (c) / against this injustice? (d)/ No error (e)

Solutions :

1) D

2) A

3) B

4) A

5) B

6) A

7) B

8) E

9) D

10) C

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Latest Online English quiz for SBI CLERK : Part 14 Latest Online English quiz for SBI CLERK : Part 14 Latest Online English quiz for SBI CLERK : Part 14 Latest Online English quiz for SBI CLERK : Part 14Latest Online English quiz for SBI CLERK : Part 14

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