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US-CPA course is number #1 accounting designation in the world. This qualification is provided by AICPA (American Institute of certified public accountants). The member base of AICPA is in more than 126 countries.


What is American Institute Of Certified Public Accountants?

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is the national professional organization of Certified Public Accountants (s) in the United States, with more than 418,000 members in 143 countries in business and industry, public practice, government, education, student affiliates and international associates. It was founded in 1887 and AICPA celebrated the 125th anniversary of its founding in 2012. The AICPA's founding defined accountancy as a profession characterized by educational requirements, professional standards, a code of professional ethics, and alignment with the public interest.



It’s time to reward yourself with Globally recognized Credentials – THE US-CPA.

As per the current Industry report, there is a huge demand for Accounting Professionals in the U.S.A. Last year 40,000+ US-CPA’s recruitments were made in the US.

In India, there are many corporate houses hiring US-CPA qualified individuals. Few houses are listed as follows-:

  • Deloitte
  • E&Y
  • KPMG
  • JP Morgan
  • Wipro


What is the basic difference between CA and US-CPA?

 US-CPA stands for certified public accountant whereas CA stands for charted accountant. The basic difference is that US-CPA is internationally recognized and is a one year course, whereas CA is only acclaimed in India. Charted accountant course is of 4-5 years.

USA CPA Course in India Online Classes & Video Lectures : CPA USA

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Who all can apply for the certified public accountant exam?  

Every state in the U.S.A has a different set of laws regarding the eligibility of candidates appearing for the examination. Candidates have to get their academic qualifications evaluated by an independent agency, suggested by the state board to confirm that he/she is eligible to appear for the US-CPA examination. Once your application is accepted you will receive a Notice to Schedule (NTS). This lets you sit for the exam at one of the Pro-metric Test Centers at a date and time of your preference.

Chartered Accountants, ICWAs, Company Secretaries, B.Com, M.Com, MBA, CA Inter or 16 Years of Education with an accounting background can apply for the US-CPA exam.


Where is the Certified Public Accountant exam conducted?

The certified public accountant is conducted in two countries-

  1. The United States of America.
  2. United Arab Emirates (Dubai).


Benefits of Certified Public Accountant?

  • Worldwide recognized
  • Huge career Opportunities
  • Hike in Salary
  • Pride of Highly acclaimed Certification
  • Mobility across Globe

What are the examination pattern and syllabus?




Testlet Time

Auditing & Attestation (AUD)

50% MCQs: 3 MCQ testlets of 30 questions each

50% Task-Based Simulations: 1 testlet with 7 TBSs.

4 Hrs

Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)

50% MCQs: 3 MCQ testlets of 24 questions each

35% Written Communication: 1 testlet with 15% written communication tasks.

4 Hrs

Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR)

50% MCQs: 3 MCQ testlets of 30 questions each

50% Task-Based Simulations: 1 testlet with 7 TBSs.

4 Hrs

Regulation (REG)

50% MCQs: 3 MCQ testlets of 24 questions each.

50% Task-Based Simulations: 1 testlet with 6 TBSs.

4 Hrs

Why Choose Takshila Learning For US-CPA?

Takshila learning is an online study portal which offers the best education at your comfort level.

Let’s look at some spectacular features of Takshila Learning when it comes to US-CPA-

  • Latest content mirroring the US-CPA exam
  • Study with our Live- classes.
  • Get career guidance from Subject Experts.
  • Attend 150 hours of Interactive Classroom Sessions.
  • Access to 250 task-based Simulations replicating the actual US-CPA Exam.
  • Over 6500 Multiple Choice questions directly linked to topics in EBooks.
  • Get expert guidance and assistance pertaining to eligibility, procedures & scheduling details.
  • Generate an Optimum Study plan tailored to your preferences with our Interactive Study Planner.
  • Updated course and expert faculty.

    CPA Course fees in India:-

       Fee Rs 1,30,000 plus GST.

       Discounted price Rs 1,05,000 plus Gst.

       Evaluation Fees – $200-$350 depending upon the state.

      Exam fee –

       $1000 in USA

       $2400 in Dubai

      Learning System:-


Kick start Your Career - Get World's Highest Accounting Designation


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