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Why should you take a Digital Marketing Course?

Upskilling 60%
Getting a Job 80%
Freelancing 40%
Business Promotion 50%

Here are the key reasons for which people take an Online Digital Marketing Course:

  • Marketing Professionals: Upskilling
  • Professionals in other Roles: Upskilling, Career Shift, Freelancing
  • Business Owners & Entrepreneurs: Promote Business, Manage Agency
  • Digital Marketing Professionals: Career Growth
  • Students & Freshers: Job, Freelancing


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Who should do this course?

  • 1. If you are in Sales & Marketing or a business professional looking to boost your career.
  • 2. An entrepreneur was interested to give a hike to the ROI for their business.
  • 3. The traditional marketer who want to improve and enhance their knowledge and skills.
  • 4. A student & fresher-looking to build their career in digital marketing.


What is the Eligibility to do this course?

Any individual who has good content writing skills and can express his thoughts well can do this course. But you have to Clear two chapters and solve assignments (assignments will checked by faculty and you have to get 60-70% Marks) after that you will able to unlock your next chapter.

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Digital marketing refers to all the marketing efforts done by a company through various digital channels. Our Digital Marketing course is designed to develop in-demand tech skills in individuals who are interested in taking up this profession. In our course, we talk a lot about Marketing and its techniques to engage with the best-suited customers online.
If you are looking for an online Digital Marketing Course at an affordable price and with one on one teaching, then Takshila Learning is the ideal spot for you, as we are offering the best content with personalized faculty support to students to make them have the grasp of concepts stronger and better. In this course, we are covering end to end Digital Marketing syllabus through practical exercises and examples. Takshila learning is among the list of the best online digital marketing course providers in the industry having positive reviews, rating & feedbacks from the students who have already done digital marketing course with us. We have experienced and deeply learned faculties for digital marketing course who will guide you in protocols about the digital marketing concepts and let you know how you can create a successful digital marketing campaign for your business, develop leads and get the high level of conversions. Also, they will assist you in building a dream career in Digital Marketing.

What are the benefits of doing this Digital Marketing Course?


Marketing is a skill and an art. Businesses and recruiters prefer marketing professionals with best knowledge, quality experience and skills with certification that is accepted industry-wide. Through our much acclaimed Digital Marketing course, we not only help learners to enhance their knowledge and their existing skills in the marketing domain but also provide a lot of practical exercises to face the industry confidently for the newer& much better opportunities coming up. Once you have done this course you can also earn from home, as today’ the market is really looking for many digital marketers who have the knowledge and experience to take up freelancing projects. If you have a hobby to write then even you can create your own blog and can do blogging to create your market presence, thus satisfying your hobby and also impart knowledge.
Digital Marketing Overview:- You will learn the overview of digital marketing, history of digital marketing, difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing, the benefits of digital marketing etc.

Web Design & Development (Word Press):- In this module, you will learn how to use word press and how to add pages, posts and plugins and how to create a basic website.


Advance SEO:- The topics covered in this are advance SEO tactics, Google updates and how you will learn these, how to do SEO for any product and services. You will be taughtaccordingto the latest updates and changes in the rules of Google. You will be given practical exercises to really bring up your own offering under the guidance of our learned faculties.


Google Algorithms:- Google has its own set of rules to rank the sites while doing a Google Search. It’s impossible to bring your site on the first page until unless you understand these rules completely. You will be given an understanding of all the past and the latest Google updates so that you can appreciate things better.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM):- Search Engine Marketing is that which we do by paying money. This is also called paid marketing while SEO is an organic way whichcan be done without any investment. As SEO gives slower results SEM is the way to go when you want instant results by paying for that. This is called PPC (Pay Per Click). You will learn how to create Campaigns, Ads, Remarketing, Double Click Search and so on in this part of the course.


Social Media Optimization (SMO):- We all are aware of the importance of social media in today’s world. For a digital marketer, it’s critical to have a thorough understanding of various social media channels. Even though we are habitual to use many of the social media platforms but as a marketer we choose platform according to the content and need, for example for videos we go for YouTube and for question and answers we go for Quora, for youth involvement we go for instagram.We will go in depth on a few of the important Social Media channels and explain things in depth to give you the concepts as to how to do marketing on these social media channels.


Blogging:- Blogging is the way to show your interest to people even though from blogging you can earn a good amount as many people earn a lot from blogging. How to write a blog and how can we earn from a blog, all will be covered in this module.


Google Ad sense:- Google ad sense is a platform from where you can earn too. If you create any blog and you are getting a good amount of traffic then you can run any ad campaigns like banner ads or text ads on the same. You will get the knowhow and support for running such ads and overall how to use ad sense?


Email Marketing:- For any Business email marketing is the best way to prompt the business. In one shot you can send emails to many users and customers. But there is also a criterion, as to how to create a catchy mail content and how to ensure an excellent look and feel of the email. You will be taught about email marketing tools and what is the best way to send a mailer to users/customers.


Mobile Marketing:- When you have an app for your business and you are planning to launch your products and services by the app then you have to do proper marketing for that also.  SMS/MMS Marketing also is the part of Mobile Marketing, which will be coveredin this module.


Online Reputation Management (ORM):- ORM is the way to maintain your brand online. Once you become a brand then many competitors or haters do negative postings about you. It’s important to understand how to manage this.


Google Webmaster Tools:- SEO Google Webmaster (Google Search Console) is a very important tool for finding errors about your website which is impossible to find manually. Thus through knowledge of this tool is critical for operating a business website, successfully. You will be given practical experience to use this tool as to how to solve errors and find errors of your website.


Google Analytics Tools:- This Tool we use for reporting, we are doing work for our website but we don’t know how many people visit our website and they are of which gender, age, location who are visiting our website most. Even we can check the time duration of a user and bounce rate also, so in Google Analytic Tools you will learn about how to make the reports. This Google analytic tool will also help you to do work properly on a day to day basis.

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