class 9 science solutions – Is Matter around us Pure?

CBSE & NCERT  science solutions - Is Matter around us Pure ?

Is Matter around us Pure ? | NCERT solutions for Class 9 Science

In the previous article, we have discussed the pure substances and classification of matter. Here, we will discuss the elements from Class 9 Science in details.


A metal is an element that is malleable and ductile and conducts electricity. Eg:-Zinc, chromium, sodium, potassium etc. All the metals are solid except one which is liquid Mercury.

class 9 science solutions - Is Matter around us Pure?

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Properties of metal

  • Metals are Malleable– It means that metal can be beaten into thin sheets with a Some of the best malleable metals are Gold and Silver. Aluminum and copper metals are also highly malleable metals. Aluminum foils are used for packing food items like biscuits, medicines, etc.
  • Metals are ductile- It means metals can be drawn into thin wires. All the metals are not equally ductile. Some are more ductile than others. All metal wire can be about 200 m long.
  • Metals are good conductors of heat and electricity- This means, metals can allow heat and electricity to pass through them. They are generally good conductors of heat. Silver is the best conductor of heat.
  • Metals are lustrous and can be Polished- Metals are usually shiny and can be polished if required.the property of metal of having a shining surface is called metallic luster.
  • Metals are generally hard- Most of the metals are hard but all metals are equally hard. The hardness varies from metal to metal. They cannot be cut with a knife.
  • Metals are usually strong, they have high tensile strength- This means metals can hold large weights without breaking. Most of the metals are strong some metals are not strong.
  • Metals are solids at room temperature- All the metals like iron, copper, etc are solids at the room temperature.Only Mercury is liquid at room temperature
  • Metals Generally have high melting point and boiling points- It means most of the metals melt and vaporize at high temperatures. Iron is a metal having a high melting point of 1535 degree Celsius. Sodium and potassium have low melting points.
  • Metals have high densities- Metals are heavy substance. The density of iron metal is 7.8 g/cm³ which is quite high. Sodium and potassium have low densities.
  • Metals are sonorous- Metals make a ringing sound on striking. Due to the same, it is used for making bells, plate type musical instruments such as cymbals.
  • Metals usually have a silver or grey colour- Copper has a reddish-brown color whereas gold has a yellow color.

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class 9 science solutions - Is Matter around us Pure?

Metals are widely used in our daily life for a large number of purposes. The cooking utensils, electric fans, buses, trucks, and airplanes are all made of metals or mixtures of metals called alloys

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class 9 science solutions - Is Matter around us Pure? class 9 science solutions - Is Matter around us Pure? class 9 science solutions - Is Matter around us Pure? class 9 science solutions - Is Matter around us Pure?class 9 science solutions - Is Matter around us Pure?

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