Is Matter Around Us Pure Class 9 Science Chapter-2

Is Matter Around Us Pure Ch-2 topic of Class 9 Science, 9th cience

Is Matter Around Us Pure Class 9 Science Chapter-2

Class 9 Science : In the previous article, we have discussed the properties of metals. Now we will discuss nonmetals and their properties.

Non Metals

A non-metal is an element that is neither malleable /ductile and they are not good conductors of electricity. Eg: – Krypton, xenon, diamond, graphite etc. They are the allotropic forms of carbon. All the nonmetals are solids or gases, except bromine which is a liquid non-metal at room temperature.

Is Matter Around Us Pure Class 9 Science Chapter-2

Properties of Non – Metal

  • Non metals are not malleable, they are brittle- Non metals cannot be beaten into thin sheets with a hammer. They break into small pieces when hammered. Sulphur and phosphorus are brittle. They break into pieces when the hammer is a strike on them.
  • Non metals are not ductile- It means that nonmetals cannot be drawn into wires. They are easily snapped on stretching. On stretching, the nonmetal breaks into pieces.
  • Nonmetals are bad conductors of heat and electricity- It means the nonmetals do not allow heat and electricity to pass through them. Diamond and graphite are the forms of nonmetal which are good conductors of electricity. This is a reason why graphite is used for making electrodes.
  • Non Metals are not lustrous- Nonmetals do not have a shiny They have a dull appearance. Iodine is a nonmetal having a lustrous appearance. It has a shiny surface as metals have.
  • Non –Metals are generally soft– Most of the nonmetals are soft they can easily be cut with a knife. Carbon is the only nonmetal which is hard. Diamond is the exception which is extremely hard natural substance.
  • Non Metals are not strong- Nonmetals cannot hold large weights. They have very low tensile strength.
  • Nonmetals can be strong, liquid or gaseous t room temperature- On metals can be available in all three physical states.
  • Nonmetals have comparatively low melting points and boiling points- It means all the non metal melt and vaporizes at very low temperatures. Only graphite is the exceptional nonmetal very high melting point.
  • Nonmetals have low densities- Nonmetals are light substances. Iodine is the only nonmetal which has high density.
  • Nonmetals are not sonorous- Solid nonmetals do not make a ringing sound when we strike them.
  • Nonmetals have many different colors- Non metals are different in colors – Sulphur is yellow, graphite is black whereas hydrogen and oxygen are colorless.

Comparison Between Metal and Non Metals

All elements are classified as metal or non-metals by comparing its properties with the above-mentioned properties of metals and non-metals.

Is Matter Around Us Pure Class 9 Science Chapter-2

In the next article, we will discuss the metalloids and compound from 9 Class. Keep watching the website


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