Is CA Tough For Average Students? – Foundation , Inter & Final

Is CA Tough For Average Students?

Is CA Tough For Average Students?

A great career choice is CA as a career. It is considered to be one of the most important and valued career options. CA is a highly-paid occupation. In the industry, about 50,000 CA are expected annually. A CA has a number of job prospects in the business. They can enter businesses as CA, or as CA they can start their own practice.

You need to have a certain set of skills and qualities like you should have an interest in Accounts to make a career as a CA. One must be rational with the calculations and possess a strong experience in communication as well as IT skills.

Since CA is not a technical course, it is an extremely demanding career choice. It’s nothing like the course is too complicated for the average student. If you are inclined and interested in the issue of Accounting and Auditing, then you will not find the course too difficult. Even an average student can complete the CA Course and start a CA career.

Let us dive deep into the Charted Accountancy Course:

Chartered Accountant is a title granted to an accounting professional who has earned a legislative body certification indicating that he/she has the credentials required to take care of company accounting and taxation matters. These issues include the documentation of tax returns, investment reports, audit financial statements, and corporate practices.

An applicant must complete three levels of study and training designed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India to become a certified Chartered Accountant (ICAI). It is only after all three levels have been qualified that the applicant will be granted the CA designation.

There are three Chartered Accountant assessments or CA examinations that a student has to clear in order to become a CA. Only when all these examinations are qualified by the applicant is he/she considered a Chartered Accountant and authenticated as the same. They are the CA Foundation, CA Inter and then the CA final examinations.

Requirement for the CA foundation Course

Students must have passed standard 10th and 12th assessments conducted by a recognized CA Foundation eligibility board. Students who have cleared 12th class with a minimum aggregate percentage of 50% have the eligibility requirements for the CA foundation program.

Requirement for the CA Intermediate Course

CA Intermediate is the second level examination of a Chartered Accountancy course in India. It has eight subjects and more than 7,000 pages of research material that is required to be covered by a student in the study span of nine months allocated to them.


CA final Course Essentials

The CA Final level is the last level to be cleared by the applicant for CA. At this point, the students are a bunch of academic minds with thorough knowledge of accounting, law, taxation, auditing, FRA international taxation and many more financial aspects. The technical know-how is often revealed before appearing for their CA Final Examination because of the practical training that the students receive.

Here we give some tips for every CA aspirant to ace and clear the exam with hundred percent successes:


Start early morning

Our mind is absolutely fresh when we wake up in the morning, so whatever time you wake up in the morning, begin reading one theory paper for at least two hours and then start the practical paper of your choosing. You should take a short sleep of about an hour after lunch and start another theory paper for two hours after waking up and then another practical paper.

Make a timetable

You will cover four papers in a day with relaxation in this manner. Make it your habit to read the theory and use other time for practical papers when you wake up. Often make a timetable before the course is finished. It should not be impractical to schedules/targets. This ought to be achievable. You don’t need to study 14-16 hours a day. It is nice enough to study every day for 10 hours.

Sleep well

You may be able to research for more hours, but there would be far less efficiency. Therefore, take ample sleep to maximize your productivity. Make preparation in such a way that all coaching before two months of your test should be completed. For revision purposes only, the last two months should be available. Do not depend on coaching classes in excess.

Plan exam coaching

If you have less time, arrange some good teachers’ notes and do self analysis. I’ve never participated in any CA exam planning coaching courses. I did self-study by referring to some good notes available on the market for teachers. I gave all papers equal weight and secured an exemption by securing 25th rank in all six PE-II papers. We prefer to give realistic papers more time and ignore theory papers.

Revise at the end

Make training in such a way that before two months of your test, all coaching should be completed. The last two months should only be intended for revision purposes. Do not rely overly on classes for coaching. If you have less time, arrange notes for some good teachers and study for yourself. I have never taken part in any CA exam planning coaching courses. By referencing some good teacher notes, I did self-study.

Attempt previous papers  

Practice study materials focused on questions and exam trends from the past year. You can note in the scanner that 20-30 mark questions are asked to judge your IQ in each test. In examinations, these questions are rarely repeated and if we collect all those questions, a complete additional study material will be compiled. So forget them, and not to worry, there are still options in the theory article.

Reflect on the changes

Furthermore, you should illustrate the major changes when making realistic questions so that you just need to reflect on the adjustment when you revise again. As every issue has the same format and the same type of changes, do not review entire issues. You will make notes on your realistic papers by doing this as well.

Clearly, an average student can do CA as well. But he needs some more skills, some more commitment and an extra effort that makes him flawless. Even ICAI offers the average students/poor students the opportunity, which is why they administer the CPT/CA Foundation Entrance Examination so that if he has the calibre to do, an average student may also enter for CA. The first stage for the start of the career is CA CPT (Foundation).

Takshila Learning, CA foundation Online Classes, CA Intermediate Video Lectures & CA Final Classes Online, is one of the leading companies in the CA Online Classes & Chartered Accountant Course (CA Course). These courses serve as a uniform way to train every student whether average or bright. According to the new ICAI Syllabus by India’s best departments, Takshila Learning provides the video lectures for the CA Course. The goal of Takshila Learning is to assist the student in passing their examinations at the first attempt itself and scale up higher in the career as a Charted Accountant.

Takshila Learning lets you attain success and progress in your career as a Charted Accountant


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