International Youth Day – History, Significance, and Theme

International Youth Day

Youngsters have a significant task to carry out as accomplices in the present worldwide society and in driving the universe of tomorrow. World Youth Day, established by the United Nations (UN), is held every year and commends the achievements of the world’s youngsters and means to urge them to effectively contribute towards making their neighbourhood networks and the world a superior spot.

International Youth Day or World Youth Day stays a brilliant chance to connect with youngsters in the issues that they at the present face, urge them to think about their character and build up their ideals. It additionally plans to bring the issues that worry youngsters to the front line of the universal network. Since 2001, every International Youth Day has had a topic for the conversation to envelop a scope of issues that influence youngsters today. There are a striking number of individuals and composed gatherings that participate in the battle universally, yet what stands apart from more is the great open door that this offers the individuals who are looking to upgrade the character of youngsters over the world.

International Youth Day or World Youth Day is one of the prominent days celebrated on 12thof August every year. This day is commended to perceive the significance and difficult work of the Youth and furthermore cause to notice the social and legitimate issues encompassed by our childhood. International Youth Day is one of the most significant days to elevate various approaches to draw in the youthful age of our reality to support them and contribute more to our networks and society.



International Youth Day Theme 2020

This year the topic of International Youth Day Theme 2020 is – “Youth Engagement for Global Action”

“Youth Engagement for Global Action” is a topic for the International Youth Day 2020 which revolves around how the investment of youngsters at the state, national and worldwide level fortifies national and multilateral structures and forms, and on the best way to generously improve their portrayal and commitment informal institutional legislative issues.

As the UN turns 75, and with only 10 years left to make the 2030 Agenda a reality for everybody, trust in open establishments is disintegrating. In an always partitioned condition, the universal administration structure is as of now confronting an emergency of authenticity and noteworthiness at the global level.

COVID-19’s financial impacts will increase the issues of the adolescent’s work advertise. The International Labour Union, which holds more than 155 million specialists, lost roughly 5.4 percent of worldwide work hours comparative with the final quarter of 2019 in the primary quarter of 2020. This has been anticipated as of late that in the following 15 years, 600 million occupations should be made to serve the requests of youngsters.

This emergency has its foundations in improving the worldwide framework’s ability to work in the show and to receive reactions to earnest issues and dangers (e.g., a portion of the most exceedingly awful existing clashes and philanthropic emergencies, including Syria, Myanmar, and worldwide issues, for example, the COVID-19 flare-up, environmental change).

International Youth Day 2020 looks to feature the necessities of youngsters by making them more comprehensive so as to build their latent capacity (and their pertinence) for accomplishing worldwide change, through the neighbourhood, local and worldwide foundations.

The UN General Assembly chose to commend first International Youth Day on 12 August 1999 with a particular subject to feature youth issues. Consistently the United Nations chooses the topic of International Youth Day which brings issues to light about the difficulties and issues looked by our childhood.



History of International Youth day

International Youth Day was observed on 12 August which gives an open door for our Government to draw the consideration of youth issues around the world. Prior to the festival of International Youth Day, in 1985 International Youth year was made and following 10 years a few standards and rules were built up to help individuals and make them cooperate to improve the lives of youngsters.

There are 15 territories which are recognized for the adolescent concern are: “Instruction, Employment, Poverty, Health, The Environment, Drugs, HIV and AIDS, Young Girls and Women, Globalization, youth clashes, correspondence innovations, time exercises and Intergenerational relations.

In 1999 International Youth Day was made to achieve these points and to comprehend the issues of our childhood. This day was made by United Nations Resolution 54/120, It is a day for individuals to remember about these points and to realize that what they can accomplish for the young people of our reality.


Youth Day is Important as it focusses on improving a world for the kids with a lot of needs as indicated by enhancements in the lives of kids

Youth Day additionally helps in making aware about destitution, a significant number of the kids are eager because of neediness they can’t bear the cost of food so it is critical to bring issues to light about the neediness issues.

International Youth Day sets the rundown of needs which encourages them to consider the significant thing that can support our children and youthful ages.


On this day various exercises and occasions are composed everywhere throughout the world. This occasion incorporates shows, fairs, celebrations, presentations, and in any event, games. A large portion of the individuals sort out occasion as per the gave Theme.


We should view the different difficulties that the present youth is looking because of the absence of chances and safe spaces.

Training Disparity

Training is the essential right of each child that opens up the number of chances to be effective throughout everyday life. In any case, pitiful to realize that some have it better than the other. A few schools are basically better than others as a result of the distinction in race and money related status. What’s more, in view of not having the option to get great and quality training, a few kids are not completely prepared to contend in the activity showcase with different children of their age.

Insufficient Employment Opportunities

In the present time, even with numerous degrees, youths can’t get a conventional line of work with average pay. The work alternatives are bit by bit diminishing that outcome in disappointment and animosity among youth towards the framework. Not having a standard activity redirects their psyche and enthusiasm towards pointless exercises that put their future in danger.


Destitution is probably the greatest disappointment of the administration framework in any nation. There are as yet many creating countries on the planet whose huge piece of the populace falls underneath the destitution line. Neediness, in any nation, adds to inadequate living, wellbeing, and instruction offices for the youths that defraud them generally.

  Savagery in Schools

Schools are viewed as the sanctuary of training where youthful personalities are set up for what’s to come. In any case, with the expanding pace of wrongdoing and viciousness in schools, they are no more the places of refuge for youngsters. School assaults, instances of tormenting, expanding self-destruction rates, and ordinary battles make it extremely difficult for the youths to carry on with a typical life and influence their feelings and manner of thinking gravely.

Substance Abuse

Substance misuse has consistently been the significant wellspring of destroying the brain and fate of youths. The interest of youthful personalities, peer weight, and wrong depiction of media about medications drive them to the hurtful propensity for drinking, smoking and medication misuse. Affected by liquor and medications, they enjoy against social exercises that end up being hurtful to their family and society. Being the dependable resident of this world, it is our obligation to act separately and progresses in the direction of making a sheltered situation for the young. Where they can carry on with a superior life, be beneficial, and make their commitment towards the improvement of the country.



International Youth Day Theme:

Universal Youth Day 2019 subject was “Changing Education”.

Universal Youth Day 2018 subject was Safe Space for Youth

Universal Youth Day 2017 subject was Youth Building Peace

Universal Youth Day 2016 subject was Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainability

Individuals around the globe are welcome to participate in occasions that attention on at least one of these point zones, and there stays extraordinary potential for creating ethics and character in youngsters over the world.






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