Every year on May 4, International Firefighters Day is celebrated. The main purpose of celebrating this day is to thank the firefighters and all the services they provide. On this day, you should remember former firefighters who died while serving our community or dedicating our lives to the safety of all. In addition, we can show our appreciation and appreciation to the firefighters around the world who protect us throughout the year.
Every year, firefighters face tragedy and triumph, arguments and lessons, reflections and celebrations. These differ in the influence and influence of each person, and are now part of our lives, and are often not easily dismissed. Linton was one such disaster.
On December 2, 1998, a tragic incident shook Australia and the world: Firefighters from Linton’s home, 150 miles west of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, called for help. Emergency calls sent firefighters from several areas to the scene, including volunteers from the Geelong West Fire Brigade. The crew at the Geelong West tanker is Gary Verdeveld, Chris Evans, Stuart Davidson, Jason Thomas and Matthew Armstrong. When five men came out of the fire to fill their tanker with water, a sudden violent windstorm changed, as the cold changed, leaving the truck submerged in flames and killing all five members.



Although organized efforts to combat urban fires have been going on for two millennia, International Fire Brigade Day is only 20 years old on May 4, 2019. The first International Fire Day was held on May 4, 1999, and was recognized by most of the world.
JJ Edmondson, a volunteer lieutenant and firefighter in Victoria, Australia, had been training and training in his safety for years and always knew that his friendships with other firefighters would lead him to greater abundance of happiness and purpose to the detriment of the family as well.

When Matt, Stuart, Jason, Gary and Chris lost their lives in Geelong West, it hit home. It does not matter whether these five are from any other brigade or from any other region, it is important for all of them to be from another state or country. Crucially, they were firefighters who did something that they lost their lives to train and pride – they were trying to save lives and property.
Letters of support and solidarity stemming from the tragedy prompted JJ to introduce a New Year’s Resolution in 1999: a date-wide event that would organize an internationally recognized symbol of support and respect to all firefighters in the world can unite to do.

A few months ago, in Victoria, Australia, local firefighters tried to contain a brushfire – a common but often fatal and devastating fire that Australian communities face each year. Firefighters on the scene called for help and Matthew Armstrong, Gary Verdeveld, Stuart Davidson, Chris Evans and Jason Thomas boarded a truck and ran to help.
Sadly, these five men will never make it. On the journey, a strong wind changed, and the entire crew was caught in the fire. All five were volunteers of the Geelong West Fire Brigade.
JJ Edmondson, a volunteer lieutenant firefighter in Victoria, felt the loss of five people from the Geelong West fire brigade and believed that the world should become more aware of the dangers, sacrifices, commitment, courage and service of professional and volunteer firefighters gave their communities around the world.
With active advocacy, email campaigns, grassroots organizations and the support and support of many influential people, May 4, 1999 became the first International Fire Day.

JJ’s email discussions were used over the weeks for national comments and suggestions on appropriate dates and symbols, and the response was overwhelmingly positive, with excellent support for selected dates and ribbons.
The IFFD can only be used with input from many people around the world to ensure that it was a truly international decision. Without their opinions, suggestions and support it would have been more of a dream than an internationally recognized event. Our honesty and full thanks to all those who have contributed.



In Catholic tradition, St. Florian, the patron saint of Austria on 4 May, is recognized as a feast for firefighters, chimney sweepers and brewers.
Historical records dating back over 1700 years are fine, Florian was born around 250 AD near a Roman city in modern Austria. He joined the Roman army, rose up the ranks, and was eventually commissioned to form a special fire brigade.
Florian was killed after reports of the Roman government refusing to persecute Christians who were forbidden by religion in Roman times.
When Roman soldiers threatened to burn Florian at the stake, he said that he was not afraid of fire and would enter the heap. Horrified by her courage, they sank her instead.
To this day, the St. Florian cross is a common symbol for firefighters and the organizations that support them. Similarly, the day honoring the protection of firefighters was chosen as a day that honors the service and sacrifice of firefighters everywhere.
Following the Linton fire in Victoria, Australia in 1998, firefighters and firefighters bravely struggled to protect people and property, many examples of deadly fires worldwide.



Although all the fires mentioned above can be life-threatening – because all firefighters around the world lose their lives – our purpose is not to worry you, but to explain what it means to be a firefighter. As we celebrate International Fire Brigade Day.

Commenting on the task of carrying Lieutenant JJ ​​edmantsan helped us to establish an international day of approval from the people who protect our svatteyum accident, “in today’s society, the role of a fire – it, urban, rural and The natural environment can be volunteer, career, industry, defense forces, motorsport or in another submission, commitment, and sacrifice – we live no matter what and work in any country.”
These three elements – commitment, commitment, and sacrifice – are at the core of what each fire service member tries to do.



Wherever you live, there are many ways to honor and remind firefighters and firefighters in your community, and we encourage you to pursue your own passion, while you have an appreciation for the firefighters in your area. If you are looking for ideas to use or share, here are some of the best from Firetech Global.

  • Thank you
  • One of the simplest, easiest and most personal ways to participate in this 4 May International Fire Day is to say thank you. Here are some great ideas on how you can do it.
  • Write a thank you letter and send it to your local fire station.
  • Visit the IFFD Facebook page, post your thanks, or share a story about how firefighters have affected your life or the lives of someone you care about.
  • Please personally thank any firefighters and fire safety personnel that you will encounter on May 4 in the store, on the road or anywhere.


  • Fundraising or donating – Due to the hazardous nature of firefighters’ work, there is no shortage of requirements when providing support services to firefighters and their families. With the counseling of PTSD, families donating to a husband, father, mother, wife, son or daughter who are on duty can be an incredibly powerful and powerful way to raise donations and money with us every day.
  • Find a charitable organization locally, nationally and internationally to donate.
  • Donate a firefighter’s charity in the name of a friend who has positively influenced a firefighter.
  • Find out how to help with funds for your local fire department or fire department.
  • Please consider volunteering for a fundraiser for your fire department this year and sign on 4 May.


  • Teach others – There are many ceremonies and beliefs everywhere. How many of you know that May 4 is International Fire Day? Here are some ideas that you can use to help get the word out.
  • Dedicate the time of day to talk to your children about International Firefighting Day and why it is important.
  • Talk to local media and encourage them to do a story about the local fire department.
  • Contact your child’s school and encourage them to participate in activities, lessons or presentations.
  • Visit the IFFD website to learn more and encourage others to do the same.


  • Show your support – There are many ways to show support and we have included many of them. Here are some things you can do to raise awareness and show you the firefighters you care about.
  • Plan a meal for your local fire station. If you are going to do this, Firetech Global recommends helping the
  • station ask about allergies and sensitivities, get a headcount, and gather a group of friends so that you can share costs and labor.
  • Wear red and blue – these are International Fire Day colors and represent two elements that are the focus of their work: water and fire.
  • Stop recognizing the 30-minute “Sound of Sound” on May 4, followed by a minute’s silence to honor and remember all firefighters and firefighters who died on duty. His former brothers and sisters silently said these words, “Dear brothers, now relax. We will cover your innings. “


  • Be part of the solution – As any firefighter will tell you, education and prevention are the best means to fight fires, because fires that never happen, people who know how to safely escape, and fires that threaten the lives of citizens can put in
  • Practice to make sure that your family understands what to do and where to go in the event of a fire. When preparing your plan, be sure to consult the resources created by the fire safety professional or anyone.
  • Ensure that all carbon monoxide and fire detectors in your home are functioning properly.
  • Practice safe firefighting fires, grills and fire extinguishers by following all guidelines set by local fire safety experts and professionals.
  • If you are not already yourself, buy a fire extinguisher for your home.
  • To increase the security of your home or office, buy an additional fire protection device, such as Fireball X, Fireball Rect or Minibol Mini.

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