International Happiness Day is celebrated around the world on March 20, and it was conceived and founded by Jayme Ilyan to pursue a new paradigm that celebrates the UN’s global goals and the happiness, well-being and freedom of all life on earth. International Happiness Day is the belief in the ultimate goal of every human, nation, and society, the happiness, well-being and freedom of all living things on earth.



Most of us do not believe that formal definition of happiness is necessary; We know it when we feel it, and we often use this term to describe a category of positive emotions, including happiness, pride, contentment, and gratitude.

But to understand the causes and effects of happiness, researchers must first define it. Many of them use the term “subjective well-being” to describe each other, and only ask people to report how satisfied they are with their own lives and how positive and negative they feel. There was. In her 2007 book How to Happiness, positive psychology researcher Sonja Hazomirski described happiness as “the experience of happiness, satisfaction or positive well-being. One’s life is good, meaningful and meaningful”. . ”

This definition echoes the best of us here: it transmits instant positive emotions that create a deep sense of meaning and purpose in life, and enjoy, and how these feelings and meaning reinforce each other.



Ilion developed his vision for global happiness as the ultimate goal of humanity by saving orphans and abandoned children and explaining solutions to humanity, Mother Teresa K was saved as an orphan of missionaries; she was named Adam and sent to live in America.


In 2008, Ilion launched a United Nations Project, which marked International Happiness Day as a global awareness day, and many UN-based policy initiatives recognize happiness as a human right. A new human development paradigm calls for a fundamental and universal human goal, the happiness, well-being and freedom of all living things on earth.


UN Resolution 66 281 in 2012: International Happiness Day The 193 member states of the UN General Assembly unanimously approved the declaration of March 20, International Day of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Ilion chose March 20 for the importance of the March Equinox, a universal phenomenon that all humans experience together.


In 2012, the United Nations hosted the first high-level meeting on happiness and well-being: Defining a New Economic Model, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced, “We need a new economic model, which is three pillars that defines the global happiness together. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has stressed the importance of the conclusion of the 66 programs of the International Reference to the joy of a new day. General Assembly, “Mr. President, have you started a new calendar in observance of the United Nations: International Day of happiness. With our work, we can do what we expect in the new session starting tomorrow. “Make that ambition a reality.”


On March 20, 2013, UNIDO Happiness celebrated its first International Happiness Day by launching the “Ten Steps to Global Happiness” campaign theme, which became an annual tradition and campaign theme. Ten Steps to Global Happiness The “Easy 10 Steps” Any person, organization, and country can celebrate International Happiness Day and International Happiness Day, and celebrate International Happiness Day and celebrate Happiness, Welfare and Freedom. All living things on earth when the United Nations estimates that the global population will reach 10 billion by 2050


Since 2013, International Happiness Day has been observed on March 20, 193 in the United Nations member states, 2 observer states and 11 territories.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that on every International Day of Happiness, “Happiness is one of the main goals of the United Nations for the entire human family.”



The theme of International Happiness Day 2020 is “Happiness Together“.

According to the 2019 World Happiness Report, Finland was the happiest country in the world – America ranks 18th. According to a 2018 study by WalletHub, Fremont, CA was the happiest city in America.

There are currently 1.8 billion youth in the world, more than ever, creating an unprecedented opportunity for economic and social advancement. Several studies have demonstrated the link between happiness and productivity.

Happiness is when you conform to what you think and what you say and do. – Mahatma Gandhi

International Happiness Day is a global opportunity to ensure that peace, well-being and happiness are valued in times of grave injustice, devastating war, massive change, poverty and other man-made miseries. – United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.



Print and hang ten key posters of Happy Living. Research has shown that these ten keys have a positive effect on happiness and well-being.

Try to pass an item from your bucket list. We all have dreams and goals, and accomplishing them brings happiness and achievement.

Give it to others. Whether you are contributing to a charity of your choice, voluntarily, or giving a thoughtful gift, we are glad to know.

Reduce stress in your life. According to the American Psychological Association, the 5 best ways to manage stress are:

  • Take a break from the stressor
  • exercise
  • smile and laugh
  • Get Social Support
  • Meditate



Historical lists happiness development milestones and international happiness initiatives.


The King of Bhutan presented the Gross National Happiness (GNH) philosophy and its four development pillars at an international conference.



The International Institute of Management has launched the second generation GNH (GNH 2.0), the first GNH index and the first global GNH index survey.



The actual progress indicator has been updated from the green measurement system to a broader concept of measuring well and measuring happiness. The new dimension is inspired by GNH’s philosophy that equal understanding of subjective measures of well-being is more relevant and important than objective measures of well-being. It does not directly measure, but only considers the factors that lead to it.

2006 – The International Institute of Management publishes a policy paper from scholars in the US inviting scholars to adopt the GNH philosophy and formulate the GND Index Framework.



In the United States, the Gallup Polling System has initiated a nationwide data collection survey. The Gallup Well-Being Index was formulated on the 2005 GNH Index Framework. The Well-Being Index score is an average of six sub-indicators measuring life expectancy, emotional health, work environment, physical health, healthy behavior, and admissions, Basic requirements. In October 2009, USA scored 66.1 / 100.



The Bhutan Study Center defined the original four pillars more clearly, with eight common contributions to happiness – physical, mental, and spiritual health; Balance of time; Social and social mobility; Cultural sentiment; Education; Quality of Life; Good governance; Environmental consciousness.

The Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative at Oxford University, UK introduced the Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index (MPI) for OPHI and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Similar to the 2005 GNH Index, the OPA encourages data collection and analysis at five levels, including job quality, empowerment, physical security, ability to move forward with shame, and psychological well-being.



A report compiled by American Congressman Hanson Clarke of the Kennedy School of Government, R, researchers Ben, Beech, and Juston Zone stated: “Congress should propose broad parameters of new and carefully designed national indicators. ; For alternative experts, the Commission should take the initiative and include alternative indicators to address unresolved methodological issues. He suggested that the government could use survey results to see which welfare measurements are least satisfactory and which districts and population groups are the least. The report is one of the important frameworks for considering the overall national happiness index and seven measures of measurement.

Professor Peter T., the world-renowned director of the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution at Columbia University. Groves. Coleman and Jones commented that the GNH Index initiative could inform the Global Peace Index Initiative GPI.

South Korea has launched the Happiness Index citing the GNH Index Framework.

The Government of Goa has published a strategy for socio-economic development, citing the GNH index as a model for measuring happiness.

The City of Seattle, Washington has launched its Happiness Index initiative, emphasizing similar measures to the GNH index.

United Nations Advisor and CEO of Illinois Global Public Benefit Corporation, Jime Ilion An International Happy Day at the United Nations, United Nations Resolution 66/281: International Happiness Day, 193-member United Nations Campaign by States and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Brings the idea of ​​being supported.



In Vietnam, Prime Minister Nun Tan Dang has ordered the country to organize an International Happy Day throughout the country every year.



According to the NHS, happiness research has provided us with five simple ways to find happiness.


  1. Stress: If you feel that your workload is heavy, managing stress with some time-management techniques can make a significant difference. Regular exercise, including breathing exercises, can also contribute to positive change.


  1. Humor: Trying to see the fun side of the situation can help you cope with stress and activities meet friends or take a bath and make the day better for you. You will be given experience


  1. Self-esteem: Treat yourself as you would to a valued friend, and say good things to yourself instead of humble yourself.


  1. Health: Limit your alcohol intake, eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and get enough sleep.


  1. Communication: Talking about stressful situations with a friend, family member or counselor can help you avoid stress.


Put a smile on your face and celebrate International Happiness Day in March and ask for something that makes you happy.

Make Every day is a Happy Day…..



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