Indian Air Force Day (IAF Day) – 8 October

Indian Air Force Day (IAF Day)


Indian Air Force Day was officially established in 1932. The IAF Day is being celebrated on October 8 at various air stations across the country with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm.
Indian Air Force Day (IAF Day) is celebrated on the occasion of the birth of the Indian Air Force (IAF) and to raise awareness about the Indian Air Force in any organization of national security, both public and private. The Air Force is the Air Force of the Indian Armed Forces who is guarding the sky.
In 2020, India celebrated the 88th Indian Air Force Day. This day is celebrated to establish official, official and independent acquaintance with the Indian Air Force-based Armed Forces in any Union of National Security. The IAF Day is celebrated for the establishment of the Air Force in India to assist the Army fighting on land. With 1,500 aircraft and 1, 70,000 personnel, the IAF is the fourth largest air force in the world after the United States, Russia and China. The Air Force has participated in many important battles and historical campaigns since its inception.



Founded on: 8 October 1932
Headquarters: New Delhi
Part of: Indian Armed Force
Motto: Touch the Sky with Glory

The Indian Air Force is also known as the “Bhartiya Vayu Sena“. This is the Air Force of the Indian Armed Forces. The Air Force was officially established on October 8, 1932. It was established as the Auxiliary Air Force of the British Empire and during World War II (WWII) was awarded the Royal Prize for Air Service.
After India’s independence in 1947, the Royal Indian Air Force was established. When the government moved to a republic in 1950, the prefix Royal was removed. The Air Force has been involved with Pakistan and China since 1950. Other major operations undertaken by the Air Force include Operation Vijay, Operation Megdoot, Operation Cactus and Operation Poomalai.

The Air Force has played a key role in UN operations around the world, the destruction of Goa from Portugal and various wars with Pakistan. The Air Force supported the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) in Sri Lanka. After the war with Pakistan in 1971, the Air Force received the Paramvir Chakra, India’s highest award for bravery to posthumous Flying Officer Nirmal Jeet Singh Sekhon.

The President is the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force. The commander of the Air Force is the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force, and the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force is Marshall. The HAL HF-24 Marut is the first jet developed by India. This is the first time in Asia that the service has gone beyond the testing phase. The aircraft was developed by Hindustan Aircraft Limited (HAL).



In addition to the National Defense Academy, other training institutes in the Air Force include:

  • Air Force Academy, Dindigul
  • Pilot Training Institute, Allahabad
  • Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Bangalore
  • Air Force Administrative College, Coimbatore
  • Air Force Technical College, Bangalore
  • Paratroopers Training School in Agra
  • Strategy, air integration and defense establishment in Gwalior

In addition, the Air Force list includes:

  • MiG Series
  • Sukhoi Su-30
  • HAL Tejas
  • Boeing 707
  • Ilyushin Series
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) such as HL Poles and helicopters for recall and surveillance



Indian Air Force Day was first observed in 1932. It is acclaimed for its incredible energy and intensity at various air stations across the country. The uniforms and badges of the Royal Air Force mark the auxiliary status of the Air Force Act 1932 law enforced by the brevet. On 1 April 1933, the 1st Squadron No.1 Squadron of the Air Force was deployed with four Westland Vapi pipelines and five Indian pilots. The Indian pilots were led by a RAF commanding officer, Flight Lieutenant.



  • The Indian Air Force has become the fourth best operating aircraft in the world.
  • 48 Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, formed in 1948, is currently the largest public sector defense company.
  • In January 2002, the Government of India promoted Arjan Singh to the rank of Air Force Marshal, making him the first and only five-star officer in the IAF and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force.
  • The Air Indian Air Force is divided into five operational and two operational commands.
  • In 2010, the Air Force Network (AFNet), a powerful digital information grid that enables fast and careful response to threats, was launched.
  • Air India has about 170,000 personnel and more than 1,400 aircraft. It is considered one of the leading air forces in the world.
  • Pakistan After four wars and independence with Pakistan, the Indian Air Force interacts with the People’s Republic of China.
  • It is being carried out by Operation Operation Megdoot, Operation Vijay – Goa Attack, Operation Cactus and Operation Pumrai.
  • It has also been involved in UN peacekeeping operations.
  • The President of Air serves as the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Air Force.



This day is celebrated with equal enthusiasm and pride at various air stations across the country. All Air Force stations in different states will parade at their respective airports. Even military parades will be held according to the same program and protocol will be followed. He is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Air Force and the National Commander of the Air Force. Over the years, the Indian Air Force has expanded and taken the initiative to bring women into the Minority Service Commissions.


Frequently Asked Questions – Indian Air Force Day:

Ques 1: Who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force?

Ans: Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria took over as Chief of the Air Force in the PVSM AVSM VMTC on September 30, 2019. He is the Air Chief of the Indian Air Force.

Ques 2: Where is the headquarters of Indian Air Force?

Ans: The Indian Air Force is headquartered in New Delhi, India.

Ques 3: How many raffles are there in India?

Ans: India has so far purchased 36 twin-engine aircraft from Dassault Rafale for Rs 58,000 crore through an inter-governmental agreement signed in 2016.

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