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What Is Live Tutoring?

It is a two-way interaction between a student and tutor. With an improvement in technology, students can now study at home accessing varied courses and the best teachers from across the globe. We provide a platform that uses an interactive whiteboard and other great features. It's a combination of a video call and a classroom atmosphere - it's a virtual classroom.

Benefits Of Live Classes

  • Live and interactive classes
  • Personal attention and focus
  • One on one coaching
  • Recording of classes
  • Global benchmarking
  • Time-saving and economical
  • Proper mentoring and feedback
  • Quality course material
  • Doubt solving
  • Parent’s interaction

Why Choose Takshila Learning?

At Takshila Learning, we focus on learner oriented solutions. Our team of qualified academicians and professionals prepare the course contents and study material which covers the topics comprehensively. Takshila Learning is a unique portal in educational innovations, recognized for providing offline/online/live classes for primary, secondary, professional as well as competitive exams.

Myths & Facts Of Live Classes

  • Myth: Live Classes are harder than face to face classes.
  • Fact – Live classes are not harder than or easier than face to face classes. They are just delivered differently.
  • Myth: No one judge the Quality and teaching methods of Faculty.
  • Fact: Before assigning any faculty, need to qualify a structured interview. A Proper layout will be designed related to syllabus, time scheduling and assignments and tests. More than One are available for choice to select as per your requirement.
  • Myth: Live Classes are isolating and Lonely.
  • Fact: With the use of text and video chat threaded discussions, and technology built into course management systems, a student can choose the level of communication they want In fact, with so much opportunity to interact with peers and faculties, there is often a greater feeling of personal connection than in a traditional classroom. The student is more comfortable in asking questions without hesitation.
  • Myth: Live classes are not strategies as face-to-face.
  • Fact: Online tutoring is just as rigorous as traditional face-to-face. Live classes have the same curriculum and also have added a level of self-discipline and complete the assignments in the allotted time.
  • Myth: For Live classes, students must be super tech savvy.
  • Fact: Online tutoring is designed for students at all learning levels. It is simple as it for school students. They can easily operate and step-by-step tutorials, and help desk available for more depth questions.
  • Myth: Live classes are too expensive.
  • Fact: Same as traditional. In fact, you get best faculties from all over the world with variant prices. You have the enormous choices to select.
  • Myth: In terms of learning quality, online is less effective.
  • Fact: Students have rated online's effectiveness as being as good or better than face-to-face. There is no difference in the quality of learning. The only difference in online learning versus the traditional classroom is the medium used to deliver the material to the students. Research over many decades show students in online courses scored slightly higher on exams, and on average, they fared better than traditional students.


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Totally Amazed on seeing the class method in all subjects. Every class well shown, Graphed in 3D,Clear Language, Good presentation.

Dr. Priya
Tamil Nadu

I never would have known Physics was so simple, intuitive and interesting before taking 3D animated course from Takshila learning.

Himashu, Class 9