Important English Questions on Error Spotting

Important English Questions on Error Spotting Bank PO/Clerk/ others - ERRORS

Important English Questions on Error Spotting

Error spotting is one the major part in every competitive exam. Here, you have to find the errors in the given sentences. Given below are some rules how you can find the error.

    • words beginning with ‘h’ such as:

– Hour, honour, honest, heir historical (adjective) are considered silent, so the vowel following it takes ‘an’ for the article.

E.g.   It takes me a hour to reach the temple.

Ans. An hour.

– Hence an hour, an heir, an honour etc.

  • when ‘u’ or ‘eu’ takes a ‘u’ or ‘you’ pronunciation (‘y’ is a consonant) so the article ‘a’ should be used.

e.g. An European visited in India.

Ans. A European.

– Hence a European, a university, a union, a unit, etc.

  • Use called ‘at’ a place … his friend’s house.

– Use called ‘on’ a person -> means to visit.

e.g. She called at her friend.

Ans. Called on.

  • When ‘or’ joins two subjects, the verb agrees with the second subject.

My friends or I am

e.g. She or he have done well.

Ans. has done

  • When using ‘with / along with / together with / as well as’ the verb should agree with the first subject.

e.g.  The chief minister as well as his followers are at the meeting.

Ans. Is

e.g.  The boys with their teacher are out in the field.

Ans. Are

e.g.  The moon along with the stars shine at night.

Ans. Shines.

  • when using either-or / neither-nor the verb agrees with the second subject.

Each of them are England citizens.

 Ans. is

Everyone of the barrels are full.

Ans. Is

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  • – Sentences using ‘each of / everyone of / one of / not one of’ use the singular form of the verb.

None of them have arrived yet.

Ans. has

  • one’ as a subject should use one’s.

– Reason -> ‘one’ does not indicate the gender-where male / female.

One must not reveal his secrets to all.

Ans. one’s

  • – use either ‘as’ or ‘so’

– do not use both ‘as … so’. Each sentence should use only one conjunction.

As we were late so we apologised.

Ans. As we were late we apologised.

  • – use ‘since’ to denote the starting time of action.

– ‘for’ for calculating time.

– waiting for you for 3 hours.

She has been waiting for you since 3 hours.

Ans. waiting for you since3 p.m.

  • – use ‘is’ – singular verb.

– reason -> ‘much’ is used for untouchable nouns

– use ‘have’ -> plural verb.

– ‘many’ is used for countable nouns

Much water are wasted.

Many students has turned up for the seminar.

Ans. Much water is wasted.

Many students have turned up….

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Important English Questions on Error Spotting Important English Questions on Error Spotting Important English Questions on Error Spotting Important English Questions on Error SpottingImportant English Questions on Error Spotting

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