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ICSI CSEET Syllabus – Detailed Syllabus As Per Exam Pattern, CSEET Exam 2021

ICSI CSEET Syllabus 2021 - Detailed Syllabus As Per Exam Pattern


Company Secretary Executive Entrance Exam Syllabus (ICSI CSEET Syllabus), CSEET Exam 2021 

Secretary of the Council of Institutions of the Company for the exercise of reserve powers as per sub-section (a) (a) of section 15 of the Company Secretaries Act, 1980 Amendment to the Company Secretaries (Amendment) Act, 2006 reads Regulation 20 (1) (ii) The Company Secretary (Amendment) Rules, 2020 approved the course of the Company Secretary Executive Entrance Examination (CSEET).

All candidates are required to pass the CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) to register with CS. Executive programs, except for certain candidate categories, with effect from, 3 February 2020. With the introduction of CSEET, new registrations of the Foundation Program have been abolished Present.


The ICSI CSEET Syllabus consists of four papers as given below:

  • Paper 1: Business Communication (50 marks)
  • Paper 2: Legal Taste and Logical reasoning (50 marks)
  • Paper 3: Economic and Business environment (50 Marks)
  • Paper 4: Current Affairs, Presentation and Communication Skills (50 marks)


The CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) is conducted within a day:

  1. 120-minutes computer-based test consisting of the following four parts:
  • Trade Communications
  • Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning
  • Finance and Business Environment
  • Current Affairs and
  1. 15-minutes Viva on “Presentation and Communication Skills”


CSEET Exam Pattern

The CS Executive Entrance Exam is based on the Objective Type/ Multiple Choice Questions and will conduct Viva Voice for Test Hearing, Written Communication and Oral Communication Skills. The CS Executive Entrance Examination will consist of four papers. Each paper will have Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions, each of which will get one or two marks and there will be four choices with correct answers. The duration of the test will be 120 minutes to 15 minutes Viva in presentation and communication skills.

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Computer Based Testing (CBT)

The test will be conducted for 120 minutes at designated testing centers. The computer-based test (CBT) conducted in the MCQ pattern will be as follows:

  1. Subject- Business Communication
  • of Questions – 35
  • Marks -50
  1. Subject- Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning
  • of Questions – 35
  • Marks – 50
  1. Subject- Economics and Business Environment
  • of Questions – 35
  • Marks – 50
  1. Subject- Current Affairs
  • of Questions – 50
  • Marks – 20

Total no. of Questions – 120

Total Marks – 170


Viva Voce

The 15-minute presentation and communication skills for 30 marks (Viva Voce) will be conducted online after the MCQ-based CBT or through video designated using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Paper-Wise ICSI CSEET Syllabus


CSEET Syllabus For PAPER 1 – Business Communication Syllabus 

Objective:- Examine the candidate’s knowledge of the basics of grammar and the important aspects of professional communication.

Total Marks: 50

  • First Topic – Essential elements of good English
  • Second Topic – Communication
  • Third Topic – Business Correspondence
  • Fourth Topic – Common Business Terminologies

CSEET Syllabus For PAPER 2 – Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning Syllabus

Objective: To examine the basic understanding of law, legal aptitude, and rational reasoning. (Total Marks – 50)

Part A – Legal Aptitude (25 Marks)

  • First Topic- Indian Constitution
  • Second Topic – Elements of General Laws (Indian Contract Act and Law of Torts)
  • Third Topic – Elements of Company Secretaries Legislation
  • Fourth Topic – Elements of Company Law
  • Fifth Topic – Legal Reasoning
  • Part B – Logical Reasoning (25 Marks)
  • Sixth Topic – Logical Reasoning
  • Seventh Topic – Verbal Reasoning
  • Eighth Topic – Non-Verbal Reasoning


CSEET Syllabus For Paper  3 – Economics and Business Environment Syllabus  (Marks – 50)

Objective: –

  • To examine the understanding of micro and macroeconomics concepts focusing on the Indian economy.
  • To examine the understanding of the various key components of the business environment.

Part A – Economics (25 Marks)

  • First Topic – Basic of Demand and Supply and Forms of Market Competition
  • Second Topic – National Income Accounting and Related Concepts
  • Third Topic – Indian Union Budget
  • Fourth Topic – Indian Financial Markets
  • Fifth Topic – Indian Economy
  • Part B – Business Environment (25 Marks)
  • Sixth Topic – Entrepreneurship Scenario
  • Seventh Topic – Business Environment
  • Eighth Topic – Key Government Institutions

CSEET Syllabus For Paper 4 – Current Affairs, Presentation and Communication Skills Syllabus – (Total – 50)


  • To test the awareness of the candidates in the context of current affairs of national and international importance.
  • To test the listening and writing skills of the candidates.

Part A – Current Affairs (20 Marks)

  • First Topic – Current Affairs

Current affairs relating to:

  • Latest developments in science and technology, IT, Computers and Space science
  • Business personalities and leaders
  • Committees and appointments
  • Art and culture
  • Books and their authors
  • Awards and honors
  • Sports
  • Current political scenario
  • Initiatives/ schemes of the government
  • Language and national symbols
  • Governance and ethics
  • International diplomacy

Part B – Presentation and Communication Skills (30 Marks)

  • First Topic – Listening Skills
  • Second Topic – Written Communication Skills
  • Third Topic – Oral Communication Skills


Eligibility Criteria for CSEET 2021 Exam

Concept Of Communication & Characteristics of Communication


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