I am weak in English can I clear SBI PO 2021? English Preparation Tips

I am weak in English can I clear SBI PO 2021
English Preparation Tips for SBI PO 2021 Exam

I am weak in English can I clear SBI PO 2021?

The English Language is one of the most important sections in banking exams, be it prelims or mains of SBI PO exam, this section can help you score some very good marks. Grammar, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension are the most frequently tested portions from which the majority of questions are asked in the banking examinations. Through this, the exam conducting body tries to judge your English reading, writing, speaking, and analytical skills.

Candidates often complain about English language questions as being lengthy and are always perplexed as to how they can ace this section. Here, I will be discussing the best strategy for the English section which you should adopt in order to clear the SBI PO 2021 exam:-

1. Initially start with the basics in grammar to further scale up the levels in the English language.

2. Spend time studying basic rules of Grammar which will help you in Sentence improvement / Error detection topics. Many of the topics are often repetitive in nature except Vocabulary. With ample practice and effort, a student can score 5-10 marks easily in the paper.

3. Read the newspapers specially The Hindu on a daily basis. Reading the newspaper will be the best approach for aspirants who need to work on their written and spoken English skills.

4. Improving vocabulary is a daily task. One should always read a lot specially newspaper articles and learn a new word as a daily routine.

5. First of all attempt questions from the cloze test, fill in the blanks, and Para jumble questions after this. If you are not confident and are weak in Grammar, then do not attempt the questions of grammar at first do them as the last part so that you can save time.

6. Solve the reading Comprehension questions next. Before trying the main idea questions or theme-based questions, do a fast reading and revisit the facts and the vocabulary-based questions.

7. While applying the elimination rule in the English language, go through the option one by one and try to identify which options are completely unsuitable for the blank. Skip the incorrect options and come up with the correct answer for the blank.

8. Give a thorough “Stopwatch” to gain accuracy and speed. You should try to solve at least two sectional tests and one mock test every day until the day of the exam.

Important tips for the most common English topics:

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension in banking exams consists of a passage and questions based on the passage. The paper is online so one needs to read the passage thoroughly and skim through the questions too for more clarity. As the paper is online so candidates before reading the passage should once go through the questions. Once you read the questions then you will get the idea about the passage and whether you should attempt it or skip it.


1. Do regular practice time bound to practice and attempt enough RC sets of easy, moderate, and difficult level.

2. Since passages are long so, you need to improve your speed of reading.

3. The direct questions need to be given the first attempt.

4. Once you are finished with them, go for the indirect questions.


Cloze Test

The Cloze test is a form of understanding exercise that allows the reader to use terms that have been excluded from the passage. To preserve the sequence of different phrases in the paragraphs, this must be achieved by: filling the blanks in passages and understandings and selecting terms in a running passage. You will be given 5 options for every blank and you have to pick the closest one.


1. Read the passage thoroughly.

2. Link the previous and next sentences.

3. The candidate should definitely check for topics like noun, pronoun, verb, preposition, conjunction, article, and tenses.

4. Eliminate options accordingly.


Sentence Correction

Sentence correction questions are based upon the fundamentals or basics of the English language and grammar.


1. The foundation is the knowledge about the basic rules of grammar which should be clear to the aspirant.

2. The correct usage of words should be understood to correct the sentence structures.


Error Detection

In these type of questions, you have to find out the errors related to grammar or spelling.


1. The grammar part is the main thing which should be clear and also the sentence formation should be practiced.

2. These are very time-consuming exercises in the English paper.

3. Understand the sentence formation rules and also improve your sentence formation.

Para Jumbles

Para Jumbles are the important questions asked in the IBPS English exam. In these questions, you have to rearrange the parts of sentences to form a meaningful sentence.


  • Read the sentences carefully and find out what is being talked about in the paragraph.
  • Try to find out clues from pronouns, adverbs, articles, definers, connectors, etc.
  • You should first arrange phrases and then add those phrases in a meaningful manner.
  • Knowledge of sentence formation rules is a must.

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