How will you Improve Communication Skills? Learn 5 Steps

5 Steps in improving your Communication Skills
5 Steps in improving your Communication Skills

How will you Improve Communication Skills?

Close your eyes introspect and honestly answer the following questions

1. Do you feel a certain level of discomfort while having a conversation with a new person?

2. Is it challenging for you to introduce yourself to a random group of friends?

3. Do you hesitate to ask for help from your seniors?

4. Do you tremble when speaking in front of an audience?

5. Do you start shivering and forget things while addressing an unfavorable gathering?

Well, to be an audience, I had all the above fears and I am sure most of you also might suffer from at least one of the above problems.

We live in a society where everyone shows their A game. Everyone wants to look good. But while doing that, everyone wants to get accepted in the society. We are looking to get validated from one another. We are all concerned about our image in the eyes of the other person.  We all want it to be the best.

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Hence, in order to maintain that image, talking to new people becomes a challenge because thousands of irrelevant questions pop up in our mind even before we start to communicate.

“What will he/she think about me? Am I talking sense?”

“Is my doubt sensible enough to ask loudly in the meeting?”

“Should I share my views in front of the entire crowd?”

“I hope I am not wasting their time?”

These random questions sometimes make us doubt our abilities and block our growth. It makes going up to people and communicating with them very difficult. Such a mindset reduces your confidence in owning up conversations with people.

Does this situation look similar to you? If yes don’t worry. We are there to help you find a solution to the problem. Below is the 5 step program which is the key to improve your communication skills to improve your network.

1. Always plan the crux of the conversation before-hand: To gain confidence while you’re having a conversation with another person, you should research what you’re going to talk about. This will keep your conversation short, crisp and to the point. You won’t waste your time around in irrelevant talks.

2. Always have something to put into a conversation: If you want to end up impressing the other person or the entire group of people, always have something in your discussion which the other person can take away with him. Always add some incentive for the other person in your conversation. The human mind always works on the concept “what’s there in this for me”. He/she will definitely reach out to you sooner or later if there is something for people around in your conversation.

3. Do not shy away and be confident: Even if these random doubts pop up in your mind, learn to push them aside and carry on with your conversations. These are just random fears which you have got to learn to move past.

4. Always remember the name of the person: It is always an added point if you address the person by name and find a way to always remember his name. The receiver will obviously feel involved in the conversation and will contribute more to the table.

5. Be fluent in your spoken English and grammar: Make sure to have complete command over your English speaking abilities or other language skills. Sometimes usage of incorrect grammar can be conversations turn off for the other person. To avoid that, improve your language skills

Just focus on the above points and I am sure you will become a great communicator. You will master your communications skills. You won’t be afraid to talk to a new person or start up a new conversation with anyone. It will come naturally to you. Great communications skills would also result in broadening up your network and in return greater opportunities in life. Just remember, as James Humes said “The art of communication is the language of leadership”

Written by Maitreyi Mahajan @ Takshila Learning.

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