How will Prepare Yourself for Better Exam Performance?

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How will Prepare Yourself for Better Exam Performance?

Preparing Yourself for Better Exam Performance

The Board Examination is an important milestone yet stressful process in the career of a student. A better preparation for board examination can lower the examination fear or stress effectively. Some students copy to another intelligent or sharp student in preparation which is almost wrong. A student should know his/her area of interest, strength, learning capability together with areas of improvement; and should not waste the precious time to investigate the other’s method of preparation. Focus your mind to start your own preparation and do not drop your confidence. Your future career significantly depends on your performance in Class 12 Board Exams and the results. Performance and result of this milestone examination help and in a way govern students in deciding to seek admission in various colleges and institutions appropriately in line with the cut off merit patterns.

Here are certain tips to follow in order to prepare and score high class 12  CBSE Board Examinations-

  • Analyze Self & Learning Habits

Knowing yourself better is the first step in improving yourself. Students should analyze their strengths, weaknesses and accordingly should make up their minds to improve on certain aspects, gradually if not immediately. Answer to the following questions may help each of the students to know themselves & their learning patterns better and accordingly, will help in self-organization.

  1. Which time during the day do you learn better?
  2. In which room / which ambiance you concentrate better on your studies?
  3. Do you learn more while studying alone or while studying with some friend(s)?
  4. How many times reading is required for you to learn some topic/definition?
  5. What support do you require if you are trying to study but not able to understand a particular topic?
  6. How does writing a particular equation/definition multiple times help you in remembering and understanding it?


  • Develop Self Confidence

To develop self-confidence, try to learn with fun. Take your study seriously but do not get this seriousness over your confidence.  Always think positive about your examination. Positive attitude towards exams in the main important fact which you should have in yourself to successfully crack your exam.

  • Time Management

 Time management is one of the key aspects of your preparation and exam success. You need to develop and maintain a timetable for your study and give rational time to all subjects. It will help you to avoid the stress and examination fear which arise during preparation for the exams. Set a time limit/deadline for each subject, and then only you will able to complete your studies within time.

  • Vocabulary and Definitions First

If you wish to start learning of a new chapter, you may be a bit puzzled from where to start?

It is always a Good feature to start learning terminology and definitions first. The second stage of learning may be the equations and other theory.

  • Revision of Contents / Chapters

To complete the study in time is important, but revision is more important in your study. Revision of content of your chapter is like regular watering of plants for their healthy growth. Don’t wait till the end to revise. Select your weekend day as the best day for your regular revision about whatever you have studied during the entire week. Complete your all subject around two months prior to the final board examination, so that you could do the revision again and again.

  • Learning Pattern and Study Method

Set your study hours and right study place. Allocate more time to the subjects which you feel are tougher than that of others on which you already have a grip. It will make such subjects easier at the time of examinations. If you learn more in the company of your friend(s), please continue that habit to the extent that your friend(s) are also comfortable and learn effectively with your company.

  • Prepare Self-Study Notes

Writing is a good habit to revise and learn effectively. Always write the subject wise notes including definitions and formulae over the topics what you are studying. Pay due attention to the neatness and clarity of diagrams/figures you prepare. At the time of examination, these notes will help you in your revision.

  • Recreation, Rest and Revision

Allocate some time to the refreshment/recreational activities daily. Take a good 6 to 7 hours comfortable sleep. Ensure that your bed is clean and comfortable for sleep. Take a regular exercise and yoga. Eat a healthy diet. These all above said things will make you fit for the next day study and make your brain fresh and able to increase your output. Do not forget to quickly revise the contents that you had studied previous day. Revising topics by writing helps in better exam performance.


It’s worthwhile for every student to remember –“the failure in willingness to try is the only failure”. Bright future is awaiting you; it’s only a few months you need to study hard.

Always believe in “YOU CAN DO IT”.

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