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How to use keywords planner for keyword search? | SEO


How to use keywords planner for keyword search - SEO, online Digital Marketing Course

How to use keyword planner for keyword search? | SEO

Online Digital Marketing Course : Good keywords planner helps in making a keyword that has low competition but high-med monthly traffic, also providing more.

  • Google Keyword tool is an official and approved product from Google, which gives us a traffic estimation of our target keyword and also helps in finding more relevant and related Keywords for your article.
  • Keyword research is the process of identifying Keywords, which get the good amount of search volume/month. The purpose of performing a research is to, find the keywords that can give maximum traffic and comes with less competition.
  • You need to have a Google Adwords account to use Google Keyword Planner tool. It’s free, and you don’t need to spend any money to use this tool. You can simply create an Adwords tool and start using it.

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There are three options for search type:

  1. Broad- This might include many keywords in it.
  2. Exact- Shows the traffic for exact match Keyword.
  3. The phrase- This one is used for targeting one whole phrase.
  • This tool is created to target Adwords advertisers, but it still gives a great deal of information when it comes to finding the right keyword for your blog and articles.
  • Our target is to find some low competitive but high-medium traffic Keyword using Google search, Google Keyword research tool.
  • Google keyword planner allows us to make more relevant keyword searching so that we can relate article to most of our audience.
  • Google keyword planner also looks outs for the length of the keyword, longer is the keyword the less are the chances of competition and low bidding also.
  • Google keyword also looks out whether the keyword used is related to the article or not if the keyword is not related to the article and is only added to increase the traffic then this will also affect the website rank in Google ranking and also this will mark the negative keywords in the website. Thus while adding the keywords one must always add the relevant keywords searched.

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