How to Tackle Exams Stress? Overcome Exam Fear

How to Tackle Exams Stress? Overcome Exam Fear
How to Tackle Exams Stress

How to Tackle Exams Stress? Overcome Exam Fear

When exams are near, mostly students suffer from exam fever and this due to studio pressure. They consider exams as a curse for them. Many Students find difficulty to cover the syllabus. They take a lot of tension and due to that, they suffer from fever. This is common in many students.

Why Exam Fear?

Problem with the students these days are they do not study regularly and when exams are near they just mug up every thing with a lot of mental pressure and in the examination hall, they forget everything. End time studies cannot be successful for children. Parents do a comparison of their kids with others by giving various negative taunts like “you cannot do anything”, “you are looser”, “you are not good in studies as your friend is”.  These kinds of negative comments demoralize them, they feel low, get depressed and cannot concentrate on their studies. Some children are not ready to face small challenges like exams. Students need to understand that if you want to achieve something then firstly you have to go through with this phase.  Small-small challenges make you strong to face the complexity of life.

How to Overcome The Fear?

Start your preparations early – Start preparing yourself for exams early. Don’t wait for the exams. Most of the students do this mistake, they roam free before exams and when a couple of months left they start preparing from exams, this result in exam fever and poor performance in exams.

Study smartly – Working hard for studies is important but smart study skills are also necessary. Before preparing for exams include some techniques that are productive like take all your notes with yourself, create your own handwritten notes, highlight important lines from your chapters, always choose the easiest subject first, etc.

Revise, Revise and Revise..!! – Make a habit of revising the chapter daily which you have already learnt. For mastering in any topics and improvement in confidence, revision is necessary. The more you are confident, the less you are likely to face exam fear.

Concentrate/ Focus on your target–  Never think what others do and what they think about you. Just focus on your studies. Make your own time table according to your learning capabilities.

Stay positive – If you ever feel like giving up, just remember why you started. Scoring bad marks is acceptable as from your mistakes you will uplift yourself. Don’t let others demotivate you. Believe in yourself that says every day that “I can do it”.

By following above-mentioned tips can help you in overcoming your exams fear and makes you a focused person towards your studies. Never compare yourself with others and give your best. Follow your time-table daily and revise regularly.

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